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2001 Astrology

By : Astronet




    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Focus on stabilizing and restructuring your finances before January 26. You'll have an opportunity to raise funds and get your needs met before February 14, when your ruling planet, Mars, then in Sagittarius, will point toward an expansion of consciousness. Until early September, your resourcefulness and courage will be evident in your ability to pioneer new trends involving travel, promotional efforts, and projects at a distance. You'll find yourself in a whole new position with your career and public life after that. Aim toward developing a keen business sense after Saturn joins Jupiter in Gemini on April 20. Until Mid-July, you'll be in a position to negotiate contracts, deal with the communications industry, and expand your horizons. Those discussions will set the stage for an expansive new lifestyle. Don't hesitate to research data that will help you to launch a new phase of your public life in the fall months. Your power will be at a zenith around mid-March and again in early September. Make important new contacts at that time. You'll continue to have exciting associations throughout the year.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Venus will enter your sign in late April. You can expect the kind of pleasure that comes from enjoyable work situations and a greater ease of living, but try to set the stage for major developments with partners or your mate before mid-March. Important financial plans may take until late August to be fully developed, but after that you could hit the jackpot with major benefits from joint efforts. If you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, all that will change by late April. Your attention will then turn to responsible projects that could affect people at large, possibly even on a worldwide basis. Celebrations may coincide with an extravagant spending phase that will last until mid-July. For the rest of the year, though, you'll want to express your contagious enthusiasm about communications, new contracts, and the expansion of your goals. You could be especially resourceful from mid-February until early September. People will want to put you on a pedestal all year long. Follow your dreams for the ideal public life.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Luck is on your side until mid-July, simply because you're fun to be around. After that, you'll enjoy the success of partnership projects. Get ready to take on greater responsibilities after April 20, when Saturn joins Jupiter in your sign. You could exhibit a special business sense that will bring fortunate financial growth by mid-year. If you look back to the period from June 8 until August 10 of 2000, you will see the blueprint you began to formulate for a different kind of financial stability. You'll have a chance to express your genius all year long. You need a platform or a cause, however, which will allow you to send forth your fantasies, concepts, and dreams into the vast territories of the world. If you feel responsible for people at large, make a commitment to structure projects toward that end. You could be forced onto a prestigious new stage, just because no one else seems to want the responsibility. Allow a partner to do some of the groundwork and lead the way from mid-February until early September. You'll enter an important new phase of your life by the spring months.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Plan to expand your range of financial benefits through group connections and innovative promotional efforts. Even though you may work best behind the scenes, your overt drive and ambition could build an important reputation. If you make contact with someone at a distance or in regard to your public life by March 17, you'll be assured of phenomenal effectiveness. Focus on developing your negotiating skills until April, when you'll turn your attention toward projects related to land, home, or your lifestyle. With both Jupiter and Saturn in the area that represents the base of your life, you are ready to build a platform of security as well as an expanded way of living. You'll have a good time learning business skills between April 20 and July 13. Your good fortune will lie with expanded opportunities to express your talent during the period after July. If you feel caught between the need to remain out of sight and a desire to take advantage of public opportunities, you may just have to juggle events and time more carefully. Get past the feeling of defeat that might come on August 5. The challenge will be to avoid making any judgments, while being willing to take the next step up the ladder of success.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Keep a low profile until July 13, when you can set new goals with your work and enjoy the success of well-laid plans. This is the time to clean out the karmic closet and prepare yourself for stronger partnerships a few years down the line. You may actually need the time to prepare yourself for a serious commitment to another person, but first you'll have a chance to develop your own resourcefulness and work skills. You could enjoy the assistance and pleasure of someone by your side toward the end of October, but first, from February 14 until September 8, you will need to take care of your health, work routines, and career challenges. Start something that will allow you to move at your own pace. Develop plans that will help you express your initiative, drive, and ambition. Don't let anything or anyone unduly pressure you after April. You could be hard enough on yourself. The antidote is to make the next few years count in a big way. Look at your sense of destiny and begin to build a platform of security in your own mind. Your power lies in the expression of your true creativity. Take advantage of new connections that will come about around mid-March.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: By mid-March you could complete legal matters and promotional plans that will inaugurate important creative ventures. You may rely on partners to bring many of your financial dreams into fulfillment, but it's necessary for you to pave the way and take the initiative. If you do, you can expect bigger and better conditions in your life by the year's end. Research anything related to land or real estate before February 14. Until early September, you'll be in a position to show your true romantic and artistic nature. After that, travel, publicity, and promotional efforts will continue to help you expand your creativity. Financial rewards on a residual, royalty, or commission basis will begin to flood your life after December 8. In the meantime, your work situation will continue to put you in a position of authority and prestige until April 20, when you'll begin to work with a group or within a corporate structure. After July 13, you will sense great good fortune building behind the scenes in your life. Get ready for a new twelve-year cycle of luck that will begin after this year. Do your homework.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: The development of projects relating to land, property, or with landed institutions will continue to build in intensity. You may get mortgage funds, or at least an opportunity to make construction plans, by March 17, just before Pluto, your powerful ally in areas of communications, begins its retrograde phase. Make sure you get all your ducks in a row before that time. Between May 12 and September 8, you'll sense renewed drive and ambition that will lead to innovative efforts toward a new lifestyle or with innovative real estate projects. You could then shift your focus of attention toward the creative expression that seems part of the overall project. In spite of yourself, you'll be propelled into a phase of greater prestige after April. Until that time, deal with all the practical legal structures or promotional plans necessary to secure your projects. Excitement and idealism go hand in hand with your vision of what can come true in your work life. Don't allow periodic stress to cause you to rebel before your efforts are realized. After July, your joy and good luck lies with a greater social life or contacts with friends or groups.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: By February, you may have cause to celebrate a special partnership. Someone else could pave the way for better financial conditions between that time and May 12. You'll feel a strong urge to investigate and research financial projects, and by March 18, you may find yourself in contact with someone in a position to implement important, long-lasting plans. Between January 26 and July 13, your luck lies in your ability to promote, publicize, and advertise. Get on your soapbox, expand your horizons, and plan for events that may lie at a distance from your present locale. Romance and the expression of your creative talent could keep you high on life and moving in the fast lane. Someone from a different culture -- or who expresses a sense of freedom that you find exciting -- may intrigue you. Pay attention to your fantasies. You have a chance to create an aura that will allow your dreams to come true. Some responsibilities could seem heavy until January 26, when you'll finally be able to structure a better platform of financial security. By mid-April, everything should be stabilized in regard to your home life and money.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: You could be surprised at the energy you have at your disposal this coming year. Start new projects and show your innovative qualities. Find a way to focus your ambitions with your work until mid-February, when you can be especially resourceful in financial areas. March 17 may be an important time to make long-range connections regarding your personal goals and financial life. You could act as a producer or coordinator of important events. Until September, you'll be busy researching avenues that will build your wealth. After that, you could begin to focus on pioneering new trends in the communications fields. After January 26, when Jupiter goes direct in areas that relate to your getting venture capital or collecting money that is owed to you, your luck will lie with the expansion of your income. The period from January until July will bring opportunity for increased income and personal development as well. From mid-April through the rest of the year, take time to secure your good fortune by restructuring your long-range plans for financial growth. Get past one tricky time around August 4, when a squeeze play could force you to hone your communications skills. Remember that pressure makes diamonds.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Make hay while the sun shines. You need to tap your power in coordinating projects and reveal your true creative potential. Aim toward March 17, just as Pluto is ready to go into a retrograde phase, to make an esoteric connection that will unleash the power of your mind. You'll feel a surge of physical energy, new ambition, and courage when Mars enters your sign on February 14. Take several months to explore this new energy. After September 8, you can expect financial rewards from investments of your time, talent, and money. Hard work and long hours may tempt you to take a dim view of your health and sense of well-being until April 20. Use your time wisely, avoid making judgments, and know that you will have more partnership security after that time. You'll find someone willing to help you with some of your underlying responsibilities. Fortunately, your sense of humor will see you through any challenges. You need new goals to keep you motivated; this is especially true in a situation that involves a partnership. After July 13, you'll be ready to aim for the expansion of your income. Your goals and challenges in regard to increased income could be exciting and lucrative. Take risks with ideas and in the expression of your dreams. Discuss, communicate, and visualize.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: After February 14, you may have to work behind the scenes and even from home for awhile. You have until September 8 to dig the foundation of a new lifestyle or a new home or a situation that involves property. Your true ability lies in reaching masses of people through projects that show only the tip of the iceberg. Around March 17, a connection with a landed institution could change your life and point the way to your true destiny. High enthusiasm characterizes your physical energy and outlook on work projects until July 13. You may even have a secret partnership after that. Tap your ability to visualize exactly what you need and want financially. You need to be involved in idealistic projects that concern communication. Although funds could slip easily through your fingers, you will always attract what you need and want. Some situations with children, investments, or the expression of your talent may demand research or new techniques. After April 20, your goals will require long hours and hard work. You're getting ready to tackle what your true destiny calls for you to do.


    Horoscope (by Predictions for 2001: Keep your idealistic outlook on life, because that is what enables you to visualize your best financial avenues. After April 20 the practical focus on your year calls for developing a new talent or researching investment opportunities. In the meantime, you may have to stabilize your lifestyle by spending time at home and building technical skills. After October of this year, while you focus on your dreams, you may also discover a new level of overt, energetic ambition. You need the freedom to go forth with projects related to communications. Any efforts toward that end will be profitable after December 8. Your good fortune lies with group situations, friendships, and the expression of your talent. You'll find renewed challenges after January 26, with greater fortune on the job after July 13. Around March 17, be sure to keep your eyes open for opportunities with organizations, corporations, or anyone important to your public life. You could make an important contact then.

Copyright 1996 - 2000 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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