You might recall several months ago in my 
"CD's For Christmas" post at Boomers International
club that I mentioned new DOORS material 
and the usual pre christmas releases that
compete for your holiday dollars. 
Well, here's the update!

In conjunction with RHINO records the DOORS 
have formed their own minor record label 
called BRIGHT MIDNIGHT RECORDS and they have 
released two CD's on that label featuring old 
LIVE Doors 
The Bright Midnight Sampler and LIVE In Detroit
are available only through the NET at either 
Rhino Records or

BOB DYLAN's offering this year is simply a remastered Greatest Hits collection that every Dylan Fan must already own. It's basically Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vols I,II & III with a couple of Bonus Tracks. It's a great buy for someone who doesnt own much Dylan but repetitious for Die Hard Dylan Fans.
Due later this month is the TOM PETTY ANTHOLOGY, again this collection is for casual fans who own less than two Petty records.
The BEATLES are due to release "ONE" their 27 #1 hits remastered in conjunction with an official Beatles Web Site in mid November.
The long awaited live collection from Neil Young has, unfortunately as I predicted, been reduced to a single CD that cannot possibly serve as an archive of Neils legendary performances but simply a cheap sampler aiming at mass marketability. Entitled ROAD ROCK the CD is available for PRE ORDER at
One can only wonder when or if the above artists will follow the Door's lead and make their rare Live recordings available to FANS who have long had to depend on inferior bootlegs for such material. Many of us are tired of expensive repackaging of music we've owned on vinyl, Tape and CD only to pay premium price for reissues. How much money does the record biz need to make off of albums that originally cost $2.99?
Lastly, (I saved the best for last), the BIG music happening this season, The runaway best seller, the must have for audiophiles is out for christmas... Yes......Hampton the Hampster Dance Hamster has an Album! LOL Hammie Rock at its Finest!
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