The older worker, a few years away from retirement, feels trapped
by her job, she's enslaved to a job she hates - hoping to make it to
pension. Another worker isn’t so lucky. He's received a pink slip
with no retirement benefits. He feels used and discarded. The CEO
feels powerless, a slave to shareholders and government regulations.
An employee says she's now doing several peoples' jobs due to
downsizing. Many Americans shun politics altogether feeling they
are powerless to influence government. Gerry Spence in
"GIVE ME LIBERTY!" suggests "we are all slaves."

Spence contends that all Americans are enslaved to a political-
corporate hybrid system. Claiming that this country was founded
on the slave system, he reveals a history of the dark institution. He
points to the hypocrisy of founding fathers who dreamed of freedom
and equality but supported an inhumane industry. Indeed many
American workers may be farther removed from the power elite
than the slave from the plantation owner. But in our society, both
the master and his chains are well hidden.

The Orwellian masters seem to control the market, government,
speech and thought in "GIVE ME LIBERTY!" It is an unbroken
chain of domination running through our history. It is Politicians
bought and paid for in unabashed influence buying. It is the desperate
shattering of spirit and hope for the insatiable hunger for money and
control. The author reminds us that the truth will set us free.

Quoting from the Declaration Of Independence Spence calls for
drastic and sweeping changes. His solutions call for reinventing
ourselves and our government. The individual is urged to realign
priorities by which one defines the sense of self. A new Constitution
is called for that better serves modern society noting that our
founding Constitution was set up to serve a smaller agrarian society
and its constant reinterpreting has lead to a loss of the greater original
social context.

Spence explores the way corporations control the public airwaves
and media, how it manipulates legislation and policy buying influence
and purchasing politicians. His remedies including campaign reform,
giving the public more access to the airwaves (radio and TV), a system
of drafting representatives to Congress and the Senate, term limits and
changes in the length of term.

Calling for a “new responsible corporation,” Spence suggests that
corporate employees be legally required to report dangerous or criminal
violations. Under the new system the three strikes and your out policy
would be applied to Corporations who upon three violations over a set
period of time would loose their corporate charter and could not be
remedied by merger. It would be a crime “for any government regulator
to go to work for any corporation it has regulated.”

“GIVE ME LIBERTY!” is a broad sweeping philosophical
commentary, a blue print for returning power to Americans and an
index of societal ills. Filled with insight and vision - it is at times
profoundly liberal and conservative, embracing the best elements of
both. It is the “Common Sense” of a new revolution in America and
an alarming wake-up call for those attempting to maintain the status
quo. Gerry Spence has written one of the most vital, important books
of the decade.

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