In 1982, Bagent, Leigh and Lincoln published HOLY BLOOD-HOLY GRAIL which attempted to unravel a twisting thread running through the common era, through history, economics, religion and free society. Their book went on to inspire publications by other authors and created a genre on this particular topic and an ongoing challenge to modern Christian beliefs. Somewhere, "The Truth Is Out There."

A plethora of books now exists on the subject and sub topics such as John J. Robinson's Dungeon, Fire and Sword, and Born In Blood; Graham Hancock's The Sign And The Seal; Bagent and Leigh's The Temple And The Lodge, & The Messianic Legacy as well as the recent release by Christopher Knight and Dr. Robert Lomas The Hiram Key.

Though their findings and conclusions differ at times these authors share the common twisting threads through history and does much to challenge across denominational lines - a great deal of church history and tradition ultimately centering on Jesus Christ himself.

These books suggest that 9 poor knights conducted secret excavations at the end of the first crusade on the Temple mount in Jerusalem. The books differ somewhat on what exactly

was found. Scrolls, Treasure, The Ark Of The Covenant, Maps and Revelatory Scripture have all been postulated. The nine poor knights went on to become the Knights Templars and a very rich and powerful structure that established a global economic system. These knights kept closely guarded secrets.

King Philip of France in the 1300's owed them money and seemed jealous of their power.

The king sought to undermine the Templars by helping to install a puppet Pope and bringing up the Templars on false charges. On Friday The 13th many Templars were arrested, jailed, tortured into confessions, and then publicly executed. Many Templars escaped into hiding and set sail in their navy flying their battle flag- the skull and crossed bones!

Some went to Scotland and helped Robert De Bruce liberate Scotland. They may have established freemasonry in Scotland and with descendants of Bruce’s lieutenants-founded Nova Scotia and explored New England. The secret society they founded went on to establish nothing less than the free world! Hints of their traditions and beliefs seem apparent in the legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood. Their symbolism is represented on our currency. Even King James of Scotland was a member and influenced his commission to translate the Bible. A fact that anti-Masonic fundamentalists have been unaware of. George Washington and many founding fathers were Masons. Did the leaders of Freemasonry have a closely guarded secret handed down generations by the Templars?

For Graham Hancock, the Templars found the Ark Of The Covenant rests today in Ethiopia. Baigent and Leigh suggest The secret is the identity of the bloodline of Jesus himself. Knight and Lomas claim that the secret lies beneath the foundation of a Scottish replica of the Jerusalem Temple called Roslyn Chapel near Edinburg built by de Bruce's Sinclair's shortly before Columbus sailed to the new world.

These books challenge Traditional Christian beliefs, traditions and history in that many claims Jesus had either a son or nephew that was smuggled into Europe after Christ's resurrection. Some claim Jesus survived the crucifixion and died in Northern India. They expose the council of Nicea as an effort to censure Christian writing, give the Masons credit for the King James Version of the Bible which so many believe to be as equally inspired by God as the original text! They tend to depict Jesus as a political leader and characterize him in a different light.

These books are fascinating and demand an answer from their opposition.

Religious and Linguistics scholars, archaeologists and historians have been given a new bone to chew. The Truth Is Out There - let's find it!