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  Deeper Levels of Understanding
Submitted by : Lora Mendel  

"Intellect can 
never give you the knowing of the spirit, except 
as you feel it within yourselves.
It is the feeling, the knowing -- THAT DEEP KNOWING, 
that awareness, that wholeness, 
when one no longer cares for 'things', 
there is a completeness that gives freedom 
and happiness."

(by Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne)


 There is so much truth that speaks to one's soul. 
Learn to find inspiration in Nature,
in whatever brings Harmony to one's inner being. 
Intellectual knowledge in itself is limited 
in its way and is relative to the thinker.

Consider for 
example, if several people read a passage
from their holy scriptures, it usually results in
having varied interpretations of those words.
Why? Mainly because each person is at a 
different level of soul development. 
No one is either right or wrong. 
We are simply at various stages of 
spiritual growth.

So I feel it is more important for the individual 
to seek out what is personally helpful to 
them at that moment, to find the knowledge 
and understanding that will make them 
grow strong inwardly and bring peace and 
love into their heart as they go through 
their daily life.

I think also we need to realize that the spiritual
work goes on in and around us whether we 
are in a physical body or not. Keeping the 
physical shell is not the goal of being here 
since it is only temporary at best, whereas 
living in Spirit is 'Being' now, living in endless 
consciousness and awareness.

Most people will say that the material form is the real 
because we see it and can confirm it 
by our physical senses. Yet in a matter 
of seconds a physical form can be dissipated,
its elements dissolved into the ether of space 
from whence it arose. 
Why cling to what is so changeful and fleeting? 
Is that the kind of truth one can build upon for an eternity? 

As well, the senses of hearing, sight and smell, etc.,
which we use and trust implicitly are very 
limited in range. It is only logical to ask, 
what lies beyond that range? 
Science has yet to discover the meaning and essence of 

Too long have the majority been kept confined to a 
regulated path of knowledge of the spirit 
and most have followed blindly, accepting 
what is placed before them without 
truly understanding so that
"Seeing, they do not perceive" 
has become the norm. 
It then becomes a belief but
we do not truly know the why of it.

A time will come when we must hold these
prevalent beliefs up to the light and
consider what they are and how
they have helped or hindered our development. 
We must become conscious of what is in the mind, 
of what it is made up, and when we better 
understand how and what we are thinking
we will arrive at the cause of our 
misconceptions and free ourselves from
the burdens of the past, the effects we 
are so constantly reacting to without 

It is 
essential to take that path which leads
inwardly for all too often we are 
distracted and only seek outwardly
for ways to deal with life, with the end 
result that we are merely dealing with
effects and have not yet understood the 
cause. We need to learn more about the 
Spiritual Laws of Life, and we can start 
today, here and now, 
by knowing the cause of our thinking.

Allow the God centre within you 
to be revealed in your thoughts, your actions, 
and the Love you send to all.

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