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Posted by Sherelle on November 28, 19105 at 16:02:53:

In Reply to: Starting a solo music career at 47 posted by Sherelle on November 15, 19105 at 15:17:34:

: Hi Sherelle,

Sorry for the delay in answering. I was busy with Thanksgiving. If you want to start a music career at your age, go for it! I'm sure you are a good singer/songwriter if you have that much passion for music.
However, you must be aware that performing music for money at ANY age is a real challenge. No matter how old or young you are, it is difficult to support yourself as a full-time musician.
But that should not stop you from trying. There are so many places where you could showcase your voice and songwriting--small coffee houses, places with kariokes, your local church, community groups, holiday parties, birthday parties, etc.
If you are meant to compose and sing, don't be discouraged by the fact that most musicians (at any age) can barely make a living with their talents--and often have other day jobs. Music is something that if you truly love, you will pursue even if you have to work at another job during the day.
Since musicians often perform at night, this may work out for you--especially if you are a high energy person. People with a real passion for music will gladly perform for little or no pay after a full day's work at something else. Music is NOT something you do to make money.
Who knows, if you start small (volunteer one night a week at a coffee house), customers may begin to ask for you and the owners may begin paying you.
With all of today's technology, you could even record a CD on your own, make copies of it, and try to sell it wherever you perform. (Your profit would be 100% if you made your own CD.) How about trying to market and sell your CD on
Please NEVER use your age as an excuse not to do what you really want. There are a lot of us baby boomers around and we would probably like you and your music better than that of a 20 year old. Follow your dreams and make them happen. There's no time like the present.

Peace and Enjoy the Journey,

: Hi Linda,

: I am a singer/songwriter. I have been singing and writing since the age of 15. When I started searching for Boomer support groups for Baby Boomer musicians, I haven't been able to really find any. It seems like the thought of any Baby Boomer trying to enter the music world is laughable at best and pathetic at worst. What a shame because I think I'm origianl and good and I think that if people heard me, they would like me. Forgive my forwardness but I am learning that if you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will.

: It seems to be okay with society to be a Baby Boomer musician if you started when you were twenty or younger but not okay if you are getting started. It's like you are supposed to only do it as a hobby if you are my age. If you were fortunate to have some success at a younger age and you try to get back into the business, you are thought of as a "has been" and consider a b-act. To me, that is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

: Talent counts I know and is important for any musician to be successful. However, there are a lot of talented Baby Boomers out there with a passion for music and a desire to pursue it full time.

: I guess my question to you is why do others look at us funny when we say we want to start a second career in our 40's or even 50's? Worse yet, why do we count ourselves out by saying things like, "I'm too old to try anything new" or "I would do it if I were a litte younger but not now"? This Baby Boomer movement is the best thing to happen to people in our age bracket in a long time. It's a chance to change ideas and make a new start! They say that there's a time for every season and for Baby Boomers, I think this is it!

: Linda, can you give me your thoughts on the subject? I am writing you in hopes that another Baby Boomer musician who wants to pursue music full time will find the courage to do so! Thanks!

: SS
: Waldorf, MD

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