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Malignant Self Love
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Narcissism
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By: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

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The narcissist is an actor enacting a monodrama, yet forced to remain behind the scenes. The scenes take centre stage, instead.

The Narcissist does not cater at all to his own needs. Contrary to his reputation, the Narcissist does not "love" himself in any true sense of this loaded word.

He feeds off other people who hurl back at him an image that he projects to them. This is their sole function in his world : to reflect, to admire, to applaud, to detest - in a word, to assure him that he exists. Otherwise, they have no right to tax his time, energy, or emotions - so he feels.

The Narcissist's ego is weak and lacks clear borders. Many of the ego functions are projected. The Superego is sadistic and punishing. The Id is unrestrained.

Primary objects in the Narcissist's childhood were badly idealized and internalized.

His object relations are distraught and destroyed.

The main body of research about Narcissism is surveyed.

"Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Re-Visited" offers a detailed, first hand account of what it is like to have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It offers new insights and an organized methodological framework using a new psychodynamic language.

Narcissism is a slippery subject: only with great difficulty can it be captured with words. A new vocabulary had to be invented to account for the myriad of facets and appearances - false and true - of this disease.


Introduction: The Soul of a Narcissist - the State of the Art

Chapter One: Being Special

Chapter Two: Uniqueness and Intimacy

Chapter Three: The Workings of a Narcissist - a Phenomenology

Chapter Four: The Tortured Self - the Inner World of the Narcissist

Chapter Five: The Concept of Narcissistic Supply

Chapter Six: The Concepts of Narcissistic Accumulation and of Narcissistic Regulation

Chapter Seven: The Emotional Involvement Preventive Measures

Chapter Eight: Loss of Control of Grandiosity

More Information about Pathological Narcissism

Frequently Asked Questions about Narcissism

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The DSM IV (1994) Definition of NPD

Narcissistic Personality Disorder at a Glance

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Tips

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The Family Cycle

The Iron Mask: The Common Sources of Personality Disorders

Excerpts from the Narcissism List

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 A Primer on Narcissism

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Pathological Narcissism Primer and Glossary (Babylon Site)

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