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SECTION ONE - Moving -
SECTION TWO - Boomer's Books Review

SECTION THREE - Boomers and Downsizing.
SECTION FOUR Boomers High Lights
SECTION FIVE Boomer's Articles and Interesting Links:

BOOMERS NEWSLETTER: The purpose of this publication is to

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- Summer 2001
The "Dog days of summer"  are subsiding. 
Summer was at its peak and September is
here.  Before long, the heat will begin to
lift and the comfortable weather will 
feel refreshing and cooler. 
Here at Boomers International, we welcome
CHANGES, as will you. While many 
sites are shutting down - we are just beginning. 
Join us in this NEW and exciting community
web site.

1. Where we are at Boomers International.

2. Two Baby Boomer books that we recommend.

3. Issues of our day.

§ Health Care Reform
§ Stem Cell Research.
§ Career and job change during these
economic times.

4. Member HighLights.

5. Boomer's Tidbits & News.

SECTION ONE - New Life and Moving

By: Jeri Maier
While the speed of computers has gotten us
all used to "instantaneous" results, 
Boomers International realizes that true
takes time and patience. We apologize for the delay.

Moving from the high stress and fast pace world of 
Silicon Valley to a rural area just north of
San Diego was a great life changing 
and healing experience for me. 

High technology is complex and 
although Southern California is also
known as Silicon Beach with many
high tech companies, most of them
are still located in the cities. 

Although I gained great riches of inspiration 
and peaceful solitude experiences  
from being close with nature, 
I encountered many set back by 
living in the country. The area is still 
lacking internet high speed infrastructure and
the sense of urgency that I was used 
to in Silicon Valley high tech industries . 

We will have our new servers up
to speed very shortly. 

SECTION TWO - Book Review
Visit our site to find the two baby Boomer 
books that we will review.

§ Balsamic Dreams
A Short but Self-important History 
of the Baby Boomer Generation
by Joe Queenan

§ 133 Ways to Avoid Going Cuckoo When the Kids Fly the Nest: 
A Parent's Guide for Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome, 
by Lauren Schaffer, Sandy Fleischl Wasserman. 
© July 17, 2001 

SECTION THREE - Issues of The day
§ Health Care Issues 
Long Term Health Care Insurance.
How important to know about Long Term Health Care.

What is LTC ? 
§ Stem Cell Research
By: Gary Sorkin. A wonderful woman I know has ALS, Amyothrophic Latereral Sclerosis, or better known as, Lou Gehrig's Disease. When I first met her, she was using a walker, now she's in a wheelchair. She told me that the prognosis for her life span was five years to seven years.
She's had it for four years and is optimistic. When she sits next to me in the car, I have to buckle her seat belt for her. We are pretty good friends. She is a Boomer. Recently, she told me that her daughter-in-law was pregnant. I said "congratulations." Then, she told me that her pregnant daughter-in-law was going to save her placenta for her. I didn't have to ask, "Why?" I understood. Perhaps, the placenta will contain the gene to cure this wonderful woman. Perhaps, the placenta will contain the mystery to cure many diseases. Perhaps?
§ In the mean time there are oppositions to Stem Cell Research according to ethical quesions and beliefs. By Jeri Maier Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics sent 140,000 petitions to the White House. For more information, visit The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics. Understanding Stem Cell Research President Bush announced to allow federal funding of existing 60 lines of embryonic stem cell research. CNN Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the issue. § Career and Job changes during These Economic Times Life is changing very rapidly. By: Gary Sorkin. As many Boomers know, "What used to be - is no longer." In the "good ol' days," there was that corporate ladder for us to put our foot on, and climb. People used to stay with one company for their entire lives. That ladder is no longer. Industries have down-sized, and many have just disappeared. Where do we Boomers go when, "What used to be - is no longer?" The obvious answer is - we have to change with the times. Easier said, than done. Many of us are hurting.
Here is a good article about changing jobs. By Jeri Maier An Advice Column about the Workplace & Careers.

4. Survival Tips For Job Hunters:
In a SLOW DOWN economy:
From the Cantor Concern,
1) Be prepared.
2) Never burn bridges.
3) Pound the pavement
4) Freelance
5) Re-examine your career path
6) Don't let ego rule
7) Budget

A great advices from
5 Tips for the Pink-slipped Blues
by: Michelle Kennedy,

Other resources:

Senior Job Bank:

Job Search Advice
Be seen by over 1.5 million employers & recruiters daily.
Get your resume posted on over 75 career sites!
ARE YOU A HOT Candidate?
Then post your resume for FREE to the fastest growing
resume database on the Internet. Plus you can opt-in
to have your resume posted to major job boards. ALL FREE

Top job boards not panning out? Why not search THOUSANDS
of hot computer jobs you will find no where else without
all the competition? Come get your free MyJobWarehouse
account today. Smart search, automatic job matches in
your email daily, easy applying and more.

As more and more healthcare concerns start affecting us
baby boomers and the older generations.
As a result, there are plenty of job opportunities in
healthcare: Check Out Healthcare

Perhaps this is the time for life changing or career shifting.
Time for shifting gears, an opportunity to start a business.
Perhaps, planning for early retirement.
How about going back to school or volunteering your services. There is no higher calling than helping those in need.
Time to catch up on enjoying your hobbies:
At this time of our life with lifetime experiences,
starting over can mean a job that can entail
part time consulting, full time counseling or freelance contracting.

Assessing your Retirement or Between Jobs:
How Will You Foot the Bills?
The Income You Will Need at Retirement
• Assessing Your Resources
• Figuring the Gap Between What You Need
and What You Have
• The Final Tally: How Long Will It Last?
• Ways to Fill in a Gap
• If You Work and Collect Social Security
• Using the Equity in Your Home
• Leaving Early

Why are boomers so job oriented?
The AARP says their generation needs
more money than their parents’
generation to live comfortably and
they are more self-indulgent.
It adds up to this: A retirement income
based on pension, social security
and personal investments will not
pay the bills for consumer-oriented

Check out these websites.

SECTION FOUR - Boomers High Lights
By: Jeri Maier
Salute to our friends at Boomers International Club
for providing us with friendly conversations 
with interesting topics and subjects with
their friendly and witty dispositions.
We will feature their biographies on our site 
in the very near future: 

Leslie - tribblehead2000 
MBeth - clambeth00     
Glena -  glena52    
Vicky -  femmefataleca
Karen - jerseylady46 
Rob - bigwheelie54m 
Wing - wingsofblue2 
Bruce H - bruce_h_93940
(the Poet)

Ofcourse BIG Cheers to all the usual group
of friends for a great spirit at B.I club

SECTION FIVE - Boomer's Articles and Interesting Links:

§ School's Open -  Interesting article about 
funding kids college education.
When the kids go to College - by George Chamberlain. § Sound waves instead of biopsies A system that uses sound waves to "prod" suspect lumps deep within the body could save millions of women from the trauma of a breast biopsy § Social Security paid $31 million in 2000, to those listed as dead! § On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died at Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 42. § In 1948, baseball legend Babe Ruth died in New York at age 53 Babe Ruth's Official Site § Baseball legend Ty Cobb arrived in Detroit on 29 August 1905 after a three-day train ride from Georgia. Ty Cobb played his first major league Baseball on August 30, 1905. Ty Cobb's Official Home Page § August 31 is the anniversary of Princess's Di untimely death § The Top 40 Women In Rock History § MTV celebrated 20th anniversary. § The 10 Cheapest Places to Live § Amidst Coney Island's old Steeplechase Park is KeySpan Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. The boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean are just beyond the right field stands. The old parachute jump looks out over center-field. As a tribute to the past. The Boys of Summer are having a grand time revisiting the nostalgic feeling of Coney Island's grand ole days. Baseball is back in Brooklyn. Go "bums." the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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