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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98


    Alice finally retired and she took off from the metro DC area
    on a road trip across the USA to Arizona on her 5th Wheel.
    Follow her trip!

    Hey all,
    I officially retired Feb 27 and on March 4 at 3am left the 
    metro DC area on a road trip across the USA to Wickenburg Az.
    I have a Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel pulling a 34 foot Carri-Lite 
    5th wheel trailer
    packed with belongings and 1 retired racing greyhound 
    and 1 150 pound Irish
    Just missed the hurricane weather overnighting in 
    Harrisonburg Va on 3-4.
    Spent the night of 4-5 in Fort Chiswell Va. this morning woke 
    up to everything frozen solid. It was 100% humidity last night 
    and all that wet froze into a thin sheet of ice on everything. 
    Waiting to thaw out so I can bring in the slides on
    the trailer.
    Southern Va is a world all it's own, 180 degrees from N. Va. 
    I was fueling up the truck and the guy in front of me 
    had a 70's pick up with metal kennel in the back and 
    there must have been 12 beagles crammed in there. Cammo every
    where............ don't suppose he was going hunting do ya???
    Next stop, Kingsport Tennessee where I hope to ride 
    out the back spin of the
    major snow event headed for DC area.
    More later
    Re: [Boomers International] The Trip West Be safe, I would have given you a flag for the trip id I had only known, lol joshua
    Re: [Boomers International] The Trip West Enjoy that retirement. Southern Va is great. Skyline Drive has all the scenic views. From the high points in
    southern Va you can see a long way into North Carolina. Ron
    Re: [Boomers International] The Trip West She's gonna end up Raisin' Arizona, Ron.
    Re: [Boomers International] The Trip West She will get to see some magnificent country. Caring hugs. xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Re: [Boomers International] The Trip West --My cousin died in 2006 and had his ashes spread in two areas on the sky line drive. My wife and I want to go there over Easter to see where because I was asked to do the same for his parents. Its such a wonderful place. I have been from the beginning to the end. But really didn't get to see some of it because of Mr. Fog. When its foggy you can't see a thing. Enjoy. My wife and I want to take trips as well, especially a tour of DC, and points west.
    Have a good retirement. I'm 1 and half years into mine, and I'm only 59. John of Ohio
    Re: The Trip West Hi Alice. Congratulations on your retirement and have a wonderful and safe trip! When you get to Arizona I know that you will enjoy the Sonoran Desert. I've been there many times and we also have Yahoo Boomer members who moved West to area around Phoenix and they love it there. Thank you for sharing your travel stories, whenever you have a few spare moments please post, we'd love to hear from you. Jeri
    Re: [Boomers International] The Trip West When there is fog there pull off the road. Yes it is impossible to see. Ron

    The Trip West Trip West Trip west Trip West (3) Trip West (4) Trip West (5) Trip West (6) Trip West (7) Trip West (7) Addendum Trip West (8) Trip West (9) Trip West (10)
    Trip West (11)
    To be continued............

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