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Fitness Sense for Boomers

By:  Ameenah Lutfee 

Remember those young and carefree years? We were wild 
and free and? well, slim. Then something went terribly
wrong about 30. The big M.C. happened? You know, the 
big "Metabolism Change" that changed your life forever.

Looking back, you may recall that the change just kinda
crept up on you and although your eating habits hadn't 
changed, before you knew it, that 
slim and trim waistline of yours had completely disappeared. 
Then what you may have found is that those pounds became 
more and more difficult to shed as the years went on. 
Why? Because your metabolism started to slow down just 
when your activity level was doing the same.

Although I?m not a health fanatic, I believe it?s more 
than important to strive to maintain optimal weight 
for the sake of overall good health and agility. 
"Healthy Notions" will help you by providing you with 
really quick fitness tips which you will be able to 
incorporate into your life with ease.

It will also provide you with a healthy dose of the?

Healing Powers of Optimism

The healing powers of optimism is one of my favorite 
topics. Maybe because I consider myself a born optimist. 
Even as a young child I remember always looking on the 
bright side of things. However, as I grew older, 
I began to realize that my sense of optimism was in 
grave danger of being crushed by cynicism if I
allowed the challenges of everyday adult life to
get the best of me.

With all of the stress that goes along with basic,
everyday living, a strong sense of optimism is
something none of us can afford to live without. 
I discovered this simple principle one day when 
I was feeling out of sort but couldn?t quite figure
out why. I remember it was a gorgeous, sunny day 
but inside, I was feeling lousy. After dismissing 
all of my lame excuses for not going out to exercise 
like I usually do, I finally forced myself out 
the door. Then, while power walking, it suddenly 
hit me. I had allowed all of my fears, concerns and 
uncertainties about life to consume me and dominate
my emotions. As a result of this revelation, 
I realized that if I wanted to feel better, I needed 
to reclaim my mental balance through a process I 
later termed, "The Healing Powers of Optimism." 
By sharing this process with you, I will not only 
show you how to create and maintain a balanced and 
harmonious life, but also give you insight,
strategies and food for thought on how you too 
can be healed by the powers of optimism.
visit to subscribe to 
the Healthy Agenda newsletter or to find more 
information on how you can obtain the ebook 
written exclusively for us Boomers

For Your Information

Copyright 2002 by Ameenah Lutfee. 
All rights reserved. No part of this 
book may be reproduced or transmitted in any
form, by any means, (electronic, photocopying,
recording, or otherwise) without the prior 
written permission of the author.
Copyright 2002-2003 by Ameenah Lutfee.

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Copyright 1996 - 2003 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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