Vinyl Highway is the Perfect Gift for Baby Boomers!


A Memoir by Dee Dee Phelps

Dick And Dee Dee
One of the most popular recording duos of the time!

Dee Dee Phelps announced the release of her new book "Vinyl Highway".
Dee Dee was singing as Dick and Dee Dee in the 60s.
Thirty five years after the group dissolved, the book reveals the real story behind the music! But what happened to 'Dick And Dee Dee' throughout their nine year career was even more fascinating.

"Vinyl Highway"is filled with untold tales of some of the world's superstar musical groups, like the Beach Boys (one of their first back up bands!), the Rolling Stones (how they managed to record their voices on their backup tracks), and numerous other entertainers.

From 1964 to 1966, Dick and Dee Dee sang as semi-regulars on the top national television music show, Shindig. When a song Dick and Dee Dee recorded, "The Mountain's High" becomes number one in San Francisco, their travel odyssey began. Although they had never sung live on a stage together, they set off on their first tour.

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The book hits all emotions....excitement, anger, racial tensions, disappointments, love, heartbreak, spiritual, the pressures of "making it" and everything else you can think of.

I can't recommend this book enough. Whether you're a fan of Dick and Dee Dee, a fan of the early days of rock and roll, or a fan of behind -the-scenes type stories….this book is definitely for you.

Remember the title, Vinyl Highway by Dee Dee Phelps, published by Trafford Publishing.
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Gary B. Duluth, Minnesota

I got your book yesterday and it is 100% wonderful. The passages about Texas, especially the parts with Gary U.S, Bonds, are very powerful in many ways, and inspiring, too, about youth intuitively seeing through evil and mendacity, then beyond. I hope these pages find their way into our country's schools, because they are clear as a bell about the unconscionable differences that existed not very long ago. I love all the rock and roll. I bet I ended up reading more than half the book before I turned out the light--- you don't use any profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, another persuasive case for this book getting into wide circulation.
Mike R. Kentfield, California

Dee Dee takes us behind the spotlight for an amazingly candid and insightful look at life as a pop star during those pivotal years of the early and mid 60's. The reader is led effortlessly down the Vinyl Highway in a warm first-person account of Dee Dee's memories of life on the road, the Shindig days and the dynamics of her relationship with her singing partner. Lane Quigley, Disc Jockey
The Memory Lane Show

Dear Dee Dee:
It (Vinyl Highway) brought back many fond memories. I wish you much good luck with it.
Dick Clark

Dee Dee:
I cannot tell you how much I'm enjoying your book. Your writing style is captivating and your stories are fascinating. I'm especially enjoying your memories of "Shindig" and Sharon. Hearing those memories from your point of view is great, since I lived some of the same memories.

Jimmy O'Neill
Host of ABC's "Shindig" TV Show