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    Table of Contents:
    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest
    SECTION TWO - Entertainment Alert
    SECTION THREE - Travelling Tips!
    SECTION FOUR - Finance
    SECTION FIVE - BOOMER Facts and Data
    SECTION SIX: - Boomer Of The Month
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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
  • http://www.asaging.org/boomer.html "Generations," is an informative quarterly journals in the field published by the American Society on Aging. In this issue, "The Baby Boom at Midlife and Beyond," a distinguished collection of expert authors provide a fascinating and unusual look at the baby boomers as they age--the implications for boomers themselves and for our society. Here are the real facts and figures about the baby boom; future work and retirement needs; the political impact of the baby boom; friendship and families; health and aging among boomers; the financial diversity of aging boomers as they plan (or fail to plan) for retirement; and more. People can request a copy by going to our web site or email mescobar@asa.asaging.org or call us at 415-974-9600, and ask for Miguele Escobar BY: Mary Johnson, Editor Generations mjohnson@asa.asaging.org

  • SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!
    Those Were The Days
  • Celebrating Woodstock anniversary 29 years ago: at Infoseek Woodstock
  • http://www.woodstock69.com?
  • "A Day in the Garden" is the first event to take place on historic Yasgur's Farm since the original WoodstockTo learn more about the actual music festival and the transformation of Yasgur's Farm, check out http://www.dayinthegarden.com. Old TV Shows:
  • Mary Tyler Moore's show
  • I Dream Of Jeannie
  • Bewitched
  • The Ed Sullivan Show More oldies TV shows at:
  • Nick at Nite TV Retro at: http://www.nick-at-nite.com/tvretro/shows
  • August 8-16, 1998 is Elvis Week at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis Week marks the anniversery of his death (August 16, 1977). Each August, his longtime fans, along with some brand new ones, come to Memphis to pay tribute to him during Elvis Week. It's a great celebration of all the music and all the memories associated with Elvis. Visit Elvis Week 98 at Graceland http://www.elvis-presley.com/elvisweek98.html Contact Graceland at 1-800-238-2000 or (901) 332-3322, 8:00am - 6:00pm C.S.T. for tickets to all the festivities. GRACELAND P.O. BOX 16508 MEMPHIS, TN 38186-0508

    Fall and Late Summer Travelling Tips!
  • Los Angeles to Hong Kong $399 round-trip (plus taxes and fees)
  • In our Oct '97 issue of this newsletter, We mentioned about Asia's financial crisis. The recession is still there, but, thee flip side to this is that vcation in the Far East and Southeast Asia is a big bargain now for Americans. Fall is a great time to visit Hong Kong. Temperatures have moderated and the U.S. dollar now buys a lot more than it used to. To help you take advantage of these ideal conditions, Cathay Pacific offers you the opportunity to fly round-trip to Hong Kong from either New York or Los Angeles for just $399.00 round-trip plus taxes and fees. Take a side-trip to exciting Bangkok for just $149.00 extra per person. This is the LOWEST fare to Hong Kong that are ever offered the Internet community. And it's only available to registered Cathay Pacific CyberTravelers. Complete information including HOW TO BUY plus important conditions and restrictions can be found at: http://www.cathay-usa.com/hop/. From: Cathay Pacific Airways Limited USA Marketing Headquarters El Segundo, California
  • You can find a bargain for domestic travel through Southwest Airlines Internet Specials at http://www.southwest.com/hotfares ** These fares are valid for travel August 25, 1998 through December 17, 1998, except for November 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, 1998. ** Please see Other Terms and Conditions of these fares at their web site. The fares listed do not include airport-assessed passenger facility charges (PFCs) of up to $12 roundtrip. Roundtrip purchase and overnight stay are required. Fares shown are each way based on roundtrip purchase. Additional $1 Federal Tax each way applies for travel after September 30, 1998. Exampls fares shown are each way based on roundtrip purchase Albuquerque: $34 each way to/from El Paso $62 each way to/from Los Angeles $38 each way to/from Lubbock $34 each way to/from Phoenix Tickets must be purchased through the Southwest Airlines web site at http://www.southwest.com
  • If you live on the East Coast and want to meet other boomers check out The Boomer Travel Club Founded in 1996, The Boomer Travel Club is a group of people with the common interest of traveling in the north east of North America for one day to five day trips. Stimulating people to interesting places. No Motel Six's here. Group discounts afford us opportunities to stay at the best places at reasonable rates. And when we're traveling, (mostly by Luxury Bus), you can relax, socialize, talk to your spouse or make new friends. To join the club, fax your name(s), address, phone number and your fax number or a copy of your business card. Include any comments about your travel desires, etc. They will fax you (or mail if you don't have a fax number) a sign-up sheet. Steve Walther Fax 716-323-9417
  • Love Jazz and Blues... then, you should take the train ride tour of Jazz combined with Blues from St. Louis to Chicago on the Jazz Express train. Also check out the free concerts at Union Station. visit :Meet ME in St. Louis. Well, we were there earlier this month and it was beautiful...
    Want to go to Europe? Tips about Venice... Venice for Boomers at: http://www.writing.org/venice.htm By: imboden@writing.org

    SECTION FOUR - College Finance

    NEED CASH FOR COLLEGE? 'QuikPlan' reveals the 
    best secrets of the college financial aid industry.
    Written by 3 of the country's top Financial 
    Aid Counselors who have assisted thousands of 
    parents in reducing college expenses.  The 
    'QuikPlan reveals the newest legal strategies and 
    techniques for families to help them qualify for
    their fair share of tax dollars, scholarships and 
    tuition discounts.
    'QuikPlan' will calculate ahead of time what the federal 
    government determines you as an individual family/student 
    can afford to pay for college, then show you how to 
    make financial adjustments and even offer some 
    non-financial ways to reduce your expenses; thus 
    helping you to qualify for scholarships, grants 
    and 0% loans when you do apply.  The software 
    (included with the book) will calculate your expenses 
    and compare prices of 2500 colleges & universities
    Do not miss out on FREE MONEY for college just because 
    uou thought it impossible to qualify.  Even families with 
    6 figure incomes can often qualify!  Claim your share 
    of more than $37 billion dollars Congress has provided!  
    We're sure you worked hard for it! Check it out at:
    College 101 : The Book Your College Doesn't Want You To Read. Parents of college bound students can ask questions or college students can ask questions and our author, Guy Stevens, would respond and give advice. See more details about the book at : College 101 publisher's web site. Mark S. Ross at http:www.rcvsales.com rcvsales@rcvsales.com 781-986-5765

    SECTION FIVE: BOOMER Facts and Data
  • In 1974 President Ford designated August 19th as Woman's Equality Day
  • Babe Ruth died 50 years ago on August 16, 1948.
  • Boomers Boom in these cities (% of total populations)
      Santa Fe 35.1% Anchorage 34.2% Denver 32.8% Seattle 31.5% Atlanta 31.4% Washington/ 31.4% Baltimore Portland/Salem 31.2% Oregon Kokomo, Ind. 31.0% York, Pa. 30.9% San Francisco 30.8% Portland, Maine 30.8% Sources: Census Bureau, State and Methopolitan Area Data Book 1997-1998 and USA Today.

         BOOMER OF THE MONTH: '70s country/pop singer Olivia Newton John 
    She bounced back from business failure, bankrupcy, divorce, 
    the loss of her father and breast cancer.  
    At 50, she is one of People magazine's latest '50 Most  
    Beautiful People' issue.     

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