Baby Boomers Are Not Old!

        By Dianne Carey      

        The Baby Boomers have landed.
        They're changing everything.
        Grandmas no longer knit,
        They are into the "Line Dancing" thing!
        Grandpas no longer whittle
        nor take a leisurely stroll.
        They're pumping iron and biking
        They have no time to be 'old'.
        The Gray Panthers were a beginning
        Seniors taking care of their life.
        With organizations and peer groups
        With demands, and bargains, and strife!
        They fought to continue the advantages
        they had worked so hard to gain. 
        Leisure time to pursue their interests,
        And doctors to keep them from pain.
        Money from Social Security
        They had contributed all through their life.
        Their taxes to pay, what would be some day,
        Retirement and the 'good life'.
        These cats refuse to be put on a shelf.
        To be ignored and patronized
        They've banded together with real heft,
        To fight society's ills, be advised
        Their power is amazing!
        Their bond will not be undone
        They have the time to 'fight the fight'
        To ban ignorance, poverty, drugs and the gun.
        Picture the grandmas and grandpas now
        Building homes for the hopelessly poor.
        Teaching all ages to read and how
        To care for themselves more.
        Tai Chi in the malls in the mornings
        Visiting latch key children after school
        Building programs to help unwed mothers
        Diets and exercise and a day care pool.
        Training our children and future leaders
        While learning the latest computer
        To volunteer, to assist, to teach
        Skills they've spent their life to master.
        We are all Gray Panthers inside
        just lying in wait
        For the days when work is over
        And instead of gaining weight.
        We will flex our mental muscles
        And continue to be heard
        for our experience and tolerance 
        and mastery of the written word.
        We have knowledge in our fingers
        We have wisdom in our soul
        We have history in our minds and hearts
        We're not ready to be "old!"
        Dianne Carey is a prolific poem writer.

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