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Home Safety
(Please print this page for your personal safe keeping)

  • Is the telephone conveniently placed by the bed so that it will not fall and is it easily accessible? Are there emergency phone numbers posted so that they can be clearly read and are visible? Is a flashlight accessible by the bed for an emergency?
  • Is the head of the bed placed against the wall firmly so that it doesn't move if someone were to fall?
  • Is there a lamp or light switch reachable from the bed?
  • Is there a bedside commode if needed?
  • Is the floor nonskid? Are rugs tattered where your loved one could catch their foot and fall? Are there nonskid area rugs?
  • Are there any dangling or exposed electrical cords?
  • Are there handrails to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom through the hallway at night?
  • Are bedrails installed if needed?
  • Is there a hospital type table that can fit over the bed if your loved one is bedridden?
  • If the patient is bedridden or has difficulty getting in and out of bed is there a trapeze secured over head?
  • Is a manual bed or electrical bed needed? If so they may be rented or purchased.
  • Is a foam pad such as an egg carton type pad or an air mattress needed to reduce bed sores?
  • If an electrical blanket is used is it in good working order?
  • Are there suspenders or clamps to hold the sheets in place so that they will not bunch up?

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