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Interview with Dan White

Jeri Maier: We are happy to share another highlight of our members at Boomers International and our affiliated groups at Yahoo and MSN. Today, I would like to introduce you to our member, Dan White. Dan is a great friend and a member who faithfully supports and participates in our discussion board. He also contributes articles and information to our groups as well as his own groups at Yahoo regularly.

Jeri: First of all, tell us about yourself.

Dan: Well, my name is Dan White, i just turned 40 this past june 19th. i am a computer programmer at a health care company in new york and i live in jersey city heights, new jersey. my hobbies include web site design, internet, my web site, music, and my toshiba satellite laptop. i am a computer junkie and it is a great habit.

Jeri: Are you a native New Jersey? How long have been living in New Jersey?

Dan: No, i am not a native of new jersey and i was born in malibu beach, california. i have lived here in new jersey for a few years now.

Jeri: Was it difficult to change your lifestyle from Malibu Beach to New Jersey? Perhaps it was not since you have moved to other places before settling in New Jersey?

Dan: Well when we all moved around, i was @ 7 years old, my mother got divorced and we moved to florida, then to new york in the early 70's where she got married again. moving to new jersey was in 1998 after living in manhattan for 15 years...i still have been able to keep my friends after all the moves, but i know people who have moved more than me, so it is not that in california was nice while i can remember it, i still visit alot as my real father who is a criminal lawyer, still keeps a house out there.

Jeri: Are you a baby boomer, if you are not, so what attracted you to our web site and our group?

Dan: I am not a baby boomer 'yet' and actually i accidentally found your web site and decided to join since this is the first web site group that i have joined regarding this subject. most of the groups i join are music related.

Jeri: Do you like the same kind of music from Baby Boomer's Era?

Dan: Yes i actually like the oldies alot but my favorite decade of music is the 70's, however i do like the music of the baby boomer generation alot. i do not like rap or hip hop at all.

Jeri: Do you identify with older group of people or people of your own age?

Dan: Yes, actually i prefer people my age or a little bit older. i usually cannot identify with the people today and what they are into. i can identify with the ideals and ways of people my age or older.

Jeri: You have an interesting web site. What purposes you have when you originally created your website?

Dan: Thanks for the compliment of my web site. this is actually my 2nd web site, the first one was with a different web site builder and did not like the way it was presented so i switched from bigstep to bravenet. the other web site had been on the air for 3 years, this new one only since august. i love building my web site, it is a great hobby and i deal with world news, entertainment, space and tech, and many other subjects. i learned the codes and html's by myself as i had learned the computer myself. it is a great deal of time and effort to learn all this stuff, but it is worth it.

Jeri: What do you think is going to become in the future and what are you planning to do with it?

Dan: We are not a merchant web site and we dont sell anything on the site, my main goal is to give my visitors information on the world, but my main interest in building a web site is primarily my own hobby and even if no one visited it, it would still give me alot of cool times.

Jeri: What is the most important thing that you want to accomplish in your life, if given only one choice to choose?

Dan: Well, i would love to have a nice relationship with a girl and get married and have a kid or two...i feel like i have been living alone for too long. i think it is important to be with someone. i know i will have to give up my single computer life and that might be a hard habit to is actually good to be single and date once in a while, but i think i am ready for marriage.

Jeri: Well Dan, it was nice to get to know you and learned about you. I also want to thank you for all your time and support for our group as well.
Dan White's web site.
Boomers Int'l Yahoo Group.

Copyright 1996 - 2004 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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