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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 09:46:39 EDT
Subject: Essays on Excellence # 429
Good Morning Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers,

Two of the essays in this issue are about networking and its value and power.  Networking is all about building positive relationships and positive relationships are what drives the success engine in every area of life.

Tonight is the final Presidential Debate.  Hope everyone will be a participant.  The next step is to become an ADVOCATE for the issues and principles which you believe are the most important in preserving and empowering the American System and its call to Freedom... Liberty... Personal Responsibility... Service... Integrity... and Character.  Please review your ballot information carefully and seek out the candidates at all levels that best match your philosophy of Freedom...Truth...and Independence.  This could be one of the most important elections in our nation's history.  Remember the call from President John F. Kennedy when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country."

The disease of Entitlement is spreading like a plague across the land with more and more people asking politicians, "What are you going to give me if you are elected."  It is a disease that destroys personal responsibility, character and integrity... and CHARACTER COUNTS!.

by Jeffrey Gitomer

Networking is fun. It remains an enigma to me that more salespeople don't
use it to replace the cold call (which ain't no fun). If you are network smart,
it's the easiest way to make sales contacts. Hot sales contacts.

Networking is a trendy buzzword. Loosely defined it means getting together
with other business people (out of the office environment) to make contacts and
advance your career. It's a relaxed atmosphere where people are eager to
receive your message.

How to employ the science of networking is more of a challenge. The key is
to keep it simple. First, figure out where you need to network to be most
effective. (A major clue will be where your prospects or customers

Then show up.

Here are the essential questions to making networking an effective sales
tool. Your answers will determine your success:

* Do I have a 5-year networking plan?
* Do I have a list of the organizations where I can benefit the most?
* Who are the most important people that I must contact?
* How much time must I commit?
* Do I have my 30-second personal commercial written, recorded and
* What are my expected results?

Here are some networking real-isms that will guide your success.

* It's you. To identify your best resource for networking success, just look
in the mirror the next chance you get. (Pretty good looking, huh?)
* Give first. To get what you want? you must give of yourself first --
without measuring.
* Dig in. To benefit you must commit to be involved, and then get involved.
Become known as a person of performance.
* Be consistent. By attending meetings and events regularly, you will be
seen and known as consistent.
* Score. People will do business with you once they get to know you and see
you perform.

Here's the 11.5 step simplified version of how to win prospects and contacts
at a networking event:

1. Target the people you want to meet.
2. Talk to them.
3. Get information from them that pertains to you.
4. Get them interested in what you do.
5. Categorize them on the back of their card as soon as you get it.
(a.Wants my product. b. Knows someone who may want my product. c. Valuable contact. d. Professional contact. e. Social contact. f. Useless contact)
6. Qualify the contact (if they're a candidate to buy -- when are they
likely to do so?)
7. Establish some rapport and find some common ground (make friends).
8. Remember the information they've given you. (Write it on the back of
their card as soon as you finish the conversation.)
9. Make the next appointment.
10. Write the commitment made on the back of your card -- the one that you
give the prospect. Write the commitment on the back of the card he or she gave
11. Move on to the next person.
       11.5 Follow-up less than 24-hours after the event to confirm the commitment.

The paradox is -- at a networking event everyone wants to sell! You may have
to "play buyer" (gather information) in order to get a chance to be a seller.
Networking success is dependent upon your ability to wear either hat.

The Efficiency Curve
By Brian Tracy

Self Discipline Is The Key
Elbert Hubbard defined self discipline as, "The ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not."

In the final analysis, success in any area requires tons of discipline. Self-discipline, self-mastery and self-control are the basic building blocks of character and high performance.

Focus Clearly on Your Number One Task

By focusing clearly on your most valuable task and concentrating single mindedly until it is 100% complete, you actually shape and mold your own character. You become a superior person.

You become a stronger, more competent, confident and happier person. You feel more powerful and productive.

Build Your Self-Confidence
You eventually feel capable of setting and achieving any goal. You become the master of your own destiny. You place yourself on an ascending spiral of personal effectiveness on which your future is absolutely guaranteed.

And the key to all of this is for you to determine the most valuable and important thing you could possibly do at every single moment and then, "Eat That Frog!"

Action Exercises
Once you start your most important task, discipline yourself to persevere without diversion or distraction until it is 100% complete. See it as a “test” to determine whether you are the kind of person who can make a decision to complete something and then carry it out. Once you begin, refuse to stop until the job is finished.

by Doug Firebaugh

These are what we have found to be extremely effective in creating leads and
consistent people to call on. There are hundreds of ways to Prospect... these
are just a few to get you started and on your way.

1) People who care about you.

A warm or Hot market is a great place to start... but ask yourself a question...
who really cares about my success and future? Start there and ask for their

You will be surprised how emotions can be of benefit to you... If they do care
about you, they will listen to you and try to help...

2) People you truly care about.

Who do you truly care about and want to see have a great life? Start there.
Your compassion and caring will come through and impact in a positive way.
People liked to be thought of, and this is a way to make that happen, and also
to show your feelings towards their future and Life...

3) People who you know who care about the same things

Who has a commonality with you in caring for the same things? Maybe in a club or
church, or an association... you have already established that you have
something in common that matters to you both... and your business would be a
great way to expand that relationship...

4) Follow your Dollar.

Who do you do business with? Who do give money to on a regular basis... whether
it is shopping or getting something repaired... or simply paying to have
something done... Who did you buy your car from? Who sells you your clothing and
groceries... follow your dollar... there is a gold mine their in contacts and
potential sales... they may be hesitant about joining you... but ask for
referrals... they owe them to you.

5) The Goldmine on your desk.

Most folks have some form of a Rolodex on their desk, or in their planner... but
most have a listing of who they have gathered cards from... Most Business owners
have a great Rolodex... but less than 10% of the cards produce revenues for
them... turn your or their Rolodex into a goldmine that produces a secondary
revenue source for them, by contacting the cards in the rolodex, and increase
the value of their contacts...

6) Referrals.

This business is not for everyone... but everyone knows someone who it is for...
Ask. And it really depends on how you ask, that determines the response...
"Obviously this isn't for you... but if you were me... who would be the first 2
people you would call to share this with?..." ...and then call them.... "Hello
Mary? My name is Doug... and I promised Tom I would give you a call... to share
an idea he thought you would enjoy..."

7) Business owners you know... or someone else knows them.

Business owners, especially small business owners are always looking for ways to
increase value to their employees, and to increase the bottom line to their
company. A lot of business owners have found Network Marketing to be a great
secondary profit center for their business... and they all have associations
they belong to... with other business owners... A good way to prospect them is
to ask for their advice on Marketing... and their help. Don't forget the
Goldmine on their desk.

8) Stay at Home moms.

One of the fastest growing sectors in MLM is the stay at home mom... many women
professionals are starting to leave their jobs and careers to spend time with
their family... values seem to be changing, and with that comes a great
opportunity to help them reclaim the income they lost... and they already have
proven themselves in the workforce... And over 74% of all networkers... are

9) Chamber of Commerce.

Every city has a Chamber... and most are all business minded... a goldmine for
sales and referrals, and even some distributors... join your chamber or at least
attend some functions and get a listing of members... and here is a KILLER
Secret... visit each one personally you are trying to recruit... establish a
relationship and ask for their help... and refer business to them.

10) Civic/Charitable organizations.

Join a Civic group to first make a difference in your city... not just to
network. And become known as a go getter and helper, and as you do these things,
ask for people's referrals... and maybe a time you could let them try your
products... but understand... FIRST make a difference in the group, and then you
will have a better chance of making a difference with them with your business...

INFERNO Secret........ Become a Master Networker... get a book on Networking and
how to do it... The secret is not who you know... but WHO KNOWS YOU...
Networking is an art... and if you Master it, you will never run out of leads or
folks who want to help you...
Networking is about bringing value to others First... then let them bring value to you...

William Prouty, CLU RHU CBC CEC MBA PhD
CEO and Founder
Champions For Life Foundation
PO Box 989, Sun City, CA 92586-0989
Phone 951-301-0605  FAX 951-301-0606

Copyright 1996 - 2004 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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