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Randy Welborn

Copyright Randy Welborn, 2004, All rights reserved.

By: Jeri Maier
Next in the continuation of our Baby Boomers Featured series, we love to introduce you to Randy Welborn, our Featured Baby Boomer Artist. This write up is directly from Randy's own words about himself and his work.

Copyright 2004, Randy Welborn Studio, All rights reserved.

Thanks for your interest in my work. .!

My "Moments to Remember" series started in 1983. I wanted to do a painting of the Jefferson Theatre in Beaumont (tx) as I remembered it from my childhood..!

Since I needed a movie for the marque I decided to pick a day and see what movie was playing that day so I picked my 12th birthday, Mar.29th. 1955, and looked it up in the Beaumont Enterprise (microfilm) archive at Lamar U..!

I needed the right colors ( the newspaper ad being B&W) so I contacted Larry Edmond's Book Shop in Hollywood Ca. He had an orig. poster which I bought. I needed cars, so I put my 1st car, a '41 Cadillac series 75 limo in it and my dad's '55 DeSoto. The "crowd" was from photos my wife took on our church school trip to Austin, so they are actual "friends and relatives" .I added the guy standing by the curb wearing "a white sport coat and a pink carnation" in reference, of course, to Marty Robin's song and because That's the attire you might expect for an "Evening at the Jefferson". I used acyric on masonite panel..!

When I finished it I was so exited about how it turned out I decided to make prints. Also, I thought of other "hang outs" of those days that I would like to do, the old Pig Stand #10 ( 1924) being the obvious choice. So, as they say," the rest is history." many others had such similar memories ( " we had our first date there") How many times have I heard that!?....I just decided to keep up some of the same "traditions" when I continued the series such as my Caddy making a "cameo" appearance in each scene. Selecting a specific date and a unique theme to tell a story ( thank you , Norman Rockwell) and using friends and relatives for models. In my latest, "Goin'Steady", the two boys in the back of the Nomad belong to the oldest of the three brothers in the "Woody" in "A Summer Remembered ( the South Park Drive-In Theatre)", which I did in 1986.

Throughout the last 20 years those boys have appeared in most of my paintings...especially Nathan, the oldest. He's the one looking in the Walgreens window in "Castle of Imagination" and the kid on the Columbia bicycle in "Celebration ( Pig Stand #41)". when I retired last year after 42 years with Westinghouse they were all three working with me at the shop doing electric motor work!

My son Bryan worked with me on the first five, mostly doing the people. His site is

My younger son Doyle does the computer work for me. You can get more info about me on my site, and contact Doyle, for any techno info you need to use my stuff, at

Copyright 2004, Randy Welborn Studio, All rights reserved.

So much of the fun of doing this series has been tracking down and interviewing folks for necessary info. For instance, as you can imagine most all the photos available of these old places are B&W and I need color "memories". When doing the South Park Drive-In I found, locally, the man who opened the theatre in 1950!!

He remembered all the colors of the neon lights. The man who, in the 40's did the neon work on the old Pig Stand was still around, in his 80s! I've got a million stories on each painting!

By the way, if you see Marilyn or James Dean...or Elvis in one of my's because they actually there that day!!...In "The Snack Wagon", Elvis appeared that evening, Jan 17th, 1956, at the City Auditorium. ( I put him in the phone booth). The proof, from the newspaper, is provided with each print!

Copyright 2004, Randy Welborn Studio, All rights reserved.
Randy Welborn,
730 Shires
Kountze, Texas 77625

Copyright 1996 - 2003 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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