Congratulations Margaret!

July 2003

         Margaret Walker
I have some wonderful life-long friends that live near me. Two of them I met in college.  I also have many friends that I met on the internet.. One came from Canada to visit and returned with her husband to  attend my son's wedding. I'm going to Canada to  visit her soon. Another has invited me to come and visit her in the UK and plans to come to visit me, as well.
I live in Huber Heights, Ohio with my husband, Harry.  He is retired from the USAF.  I have degrees in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling.  I have written 150 poems  and am "Resident Poet" for a greeting card company in the UK. I have written a book about Social Change that I plan to update and try to get published.
-My past hobbies include:  stained-glass, leathercraft, ceramics, home-improvement, oil-painting, and carpentry.
-My current hobbies include:  writing poetry and about social change.  Also, my communities on the internet.
-My four brothers and I have an internet business, selling German beer steins.
-Travel:  When I was 23, I traveled all over Europe.  I've been to Hawaii two times (once for a cruise around the islands).  It is Paradise.

My parents and 3 brothers live near me.  Another brother is in the Army in Florida.  I have a son, Tim, who was married to Jen last September.  They have a beautiful new home.