October 2003

Congratulations to Laura Pinto

My name is Laura, and I'm a vintage 1958 babyboomer! Originally from New Jersey, I've been making my home in the Sunshine State, Florida, for the past 12 years. Writing is my hobby, fast turning into a vocation (last fall, an article about Annette Funicello that I co-wrote with established writer Don Charles was published in Cool & Strange Music Magazine; two more pieces by me, one solo, are scheduled for publication this year). Basically, you can find me all over the Net; I own or moderate somewhere north of 20 Yahoo Groups and several groups on MSN; I'm webmistress of a bunch of sites, including my favorite, Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages (, and I also manage in the neighborhood of two dozen site rings, mostly on Webring. I work full-time as an accounts payable processor, and when I'm not at the office, you can find me at home with my two dogs, working on my web sites! I'm working on a new site called Oldies Connection. I'm planning on it evolving into kind of an online magazine, but that's way in the future. I have a long way to go before the site is finished, but what there is of it is online if you want to check it out; go to What's taking the longest are the birthday pages. When they're finished, I have a lot of other content to add, then only after this is finished will I be putting articles and interviews up on the site. I've written a few articles on Ron Dante that are slated to be published. I'd submitted one article to Cool & Strange Music Magazine (the same periodical in which the article on Annette Funicello I co-wrote last year was published), but to make a very long story short, that magazine seems to have folded! I've just submitted it to another magazine and if it's accepted, I'll post a message letting everyone know. A second article will be published in the U.K.-based fanzine No Kind of Superstar, issue #5, due out after the New Year. Finally, a third piece, which is a combination of the first two, will be going up on the Spectropop site ( sometime within the next few weeks. Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages Oldies and Bubblegum Music Group Laura's Webrings and Sites

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