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Introducing Kay Durden

Kay Durden and her daughter Tonya) 
at Pre-Mother's Day Fashion Show 
and Tea, June 2003.

Jeri Maier:  Boomers International
Commemorates African American History Month,
and we are happy to share a highlight 
of one of our dynamic friends and members 
of Boomers International site. 
Jeri M: Please tell us a little bit about your 
life story. 
Kay D: Actually I am a California native,
and attended school in Los Angeles County. 

Approximately a year after graduating from 
high school I married, had two children, 
and started a career with one of the local 
communication companies.  

Jeri M: How did you get start in your 
travelling? Is it for personal 
learning? or Business needs?

Kay D: The company I worked for went on 
one of the longest strikes I'd been
involved in when I decided to start 
a homebased business (hatmaking).
The hat business led me to wedding 
and church conventions through 
out the United State.

Jeri M: Can you tell us the places that 
have you been to? How do you like 
your travelling  experience? 

Kay D: During these travels I found myself 
limited to hotels and surrounding areas because
of my unfamiliarity with those cities. This 
prompted me to start The Los Angeles Connection
when I returned home. I felt others visiting 
LA would appreciate my expertice as an
unbiased person.
Jeri M: In your opinion, which was the
best place that you have been to?

Kay D: I've enjoyed all the states visited,and 
always try to venture out on my own where 
ever I go, and like youself I really 
enjoyed Sardona Arizona, and it's history.
Jeri M: How did you get involved in the
Hat Design?

Kay D: I've enjoyed fashion design since
I was a teen. But decided to design hats 
after following the love story of
Prince Charles and Dianna who wore hats.

Jeri M: Do you enjoy that aspect of
being creative and how is the business 

Kay D: I enjoy the creativity of designing 
hats, and hope to get my e-commerce 
site totally up and running very soon. 
Jeri M: How do you like living in LA?

Kay D: I love Los Angeles and it's 
conveniences. But.... I am saddened by 
the high prices of everyday needs in 
the city that have driven business away 
and now many long time residents.   

Jeri M: What is your next aspiration
in life?

Kay D: In the future I hope to do more 
things with senior citizens that will
empower them to be more self supportive
because I believe those of us that are older 
than 39 are being forgotten.

What I do and love; 
sharing informaion with people, writing and
one of my first loves, hatmaking.

Kay's Thoughts

Kay's Poems

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Kay's Expression.
Kay's 3F Club web site.
Kay's Drumbeats Fashion.
Kay's LA Connection web site.
Kay's Hat web site.

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