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The Four Noble Truths of Me
By Ted In Korea
One of the main things that keeps me where I am, despite the hardships I face daily, is the study of Zen. Of course, one can study anything anywhere. My spirit has been drawn here. Never before have I felt so at home. In visiting many diverse parts of the World, poverty and riches, pain and joy, anguish and triumph, love and hate were all revealed - but through all, beauty shone most radiantly. In Korea, I've seen peace, not with the eyes but with the mind. With mine, through perceiving the thoughts of others. As I read Dharma, and as the Truths are revealed, I realize that I have always had the knowledge within. As do all beings. Truth is innate. It is not something you can acquire or can horde. I find my Life is a vivid example of every Ancient Fable used in illustration. I'm a Novice in my studies, practice, meditation . . .

Each phrase, sometimes each word, no matter how simple on first view, takes on profound meaning. Truths:

  • Pain and Suffering are inherent in Life.

  • Physical attachments and desire - carnal instinct, selfish cravings, unchecked desire are the roots of all suffering.

  • A perpetual cycle of feeding desires that cause suffering that induces further cravings evolves, but it can be STOPPED. Tranquility is the absence of the cause and effect cycle.

  • Steering a true course leads to this place of bliss!

What has all the above gibberish got to do with YOU! Actually the ramblings were simply me talking with myself and allowing you to eavesdrop in! My obsession with my work anesthetizes me to the fact that I am allowing my Mind to operate independent of my Will. One careless word choice and I'm thrust back into a cycle of pain. What was the carelessness, the slip of the tongue - "mindless chatter" - the simple words words conveyed accurately my thoughts, without consideration for how they would be perceived out of context. Result, hurt or offense. I reacted to the consequent reaction and things spiraled downward from there.

In those two words, my body was trying to speak volumes. My being was crying out that it was worn, fatigued - stressed. My tongue lashed out at my body for wasting time in civil dialog when the job in progress was of more immediate perceived importance - but it wasn't! People are eternally more important than any work. The suffering I experienced caused me pain, accordingly loosing most of a days labor. Paranoia joined in the cyclical mixture of pain, as programs crashed, as interactions with others crumbled because of egocentric obsession, followed by the untimely death of my Hotmail server. Aaaaaaah!

Then I managed to break free, emerged from the carnage, stepped back seeing the reality of the situation. All the superposed fantasies concocted and heaped on my feelings of you and of the situation were erased. Vanishing into non-existence. The cycle was broken, Truth triumphed - Peace shone through the smouldering refuse pile that Life had become at that moment. All the if, then scenarios crumbled and fell away. Nothingness filled my World. I, my mind, became "mindless", without "chatter" - silent - Peaceful . . .

The Way . . . with diligent effort, one can concentrate the mind to be acutely aware of what it is doing at all times. Good thoughts are the only ones generated because they are formed from having the right perspective of what is truly correct, independent of outside interference. Then the thoughts are put into proper actions and gentle altruistic words that maintain tranquility. Living becomes a righteous profession.

Why Is Ted In Korea?

Ted in KOREA! at MSN

Copyright 1996 - 2005 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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