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Color Daze of Love

By Ted In Korea

The West has it's St. Valentine's Day, Koreans do us 1, no check that, 2


February 14th is "Red Day", Valentine's Day ~  --->

The wee nymph archer, winging his way in constant search of nubilites, is not a Saint here yet! This is the day Ladies indicate their feelings of adoration for the love of their lives by giving the 'Loved One' chocolates, flowers etc. Cards are rarely exchanged for any occasion or for any reason. The love struck Ladies now must sit and wait for a sign to see if the 'Loved One' feels likewise. The poor 'girls' must remain in a limbo state for a whole month!

April 14th is "White Day", Response Day ~  --->

This is the day the Men indicate their feelings of love. They return adoration for the Lady in love who sent them the Valentine message OR to 'another' that he truly loves more! The ladies who receive White Day offerings are ecstatic, the spurned ladies are devastated and remain so for a whole month.

March 14th is "Black Day", Ja Jung Mun Day    

This is the day for sharing sorrow, a Day of Mourning, a National Wakefest ! All the lovers who were rejected by not receiving a Red or White Day message, gather together with other jilted friends to have Ja Jung Mun (noodles covered with a black sauce whose main ingredient is black bean paste - a kind of Korean Spaghetti). The 'Love Forlorn' take solace in knowing they aren't alone in the Miserable World of misery!

Is all this too quaint? Worthy of imitation? Perhaps just clever marketing, thrust upon a naive populace overly eager to adopt anything Western in the hopes of being different, radical . . . ?

I want to syndicate. I want broadcast throughout the universe. I want to promote everywhere. Thought of contacting Billy III, but my aversion to a 'soft egocentric' monopoly pulled me back. Then the Waltons came to mind because collectively the mighty 'Five' have more bucks than poor Bill and they have the Marketing prowess to really get this thing off the ground. Too commercial though!

Inspiration came thundering in like forked lightning bolts! Micheal, the young lad could really use a boost. Not only could this get him out of his financial woos, it could also cleanse his tarnished image! He's a natural. Could be the logo too, as he could (be) associate and be identified with the colors of the special Days! February 14th embarrassment blush, March 14th new pigmentation, April 14th ancestry!

For the theme song - Mike could redo Sly & the Family Stones' epic "Everyday People" with a World Concert Tour, CD's, DVD's, MP3 downloads, endorsements. MTV could be brought on-line! Benetton too! The whole colors things could be exploited. M & M's. A different color for every month. A different Day for every Month. Blue Day (Divorce Day), Green Day (Envy Day), Blue Day (Heartbreak Day), Yellow Day (Afraid to Send a Candy Day) ! ! ! Use the Rainbow Warrior as a Love Ship, a goodwill ambassador circumnavigating the globe! Baby Boomers could pull out old wardrobe trunks and dust of sacred bell bottoms and tie dyes. Afro wigs for everyone!

"Let's just do it!" (Not 'just' Nike, all of US, together!)

Author's notes:

  1. Judge not, lest ye be judged more harshly. Look what we did to Christmas; where's the Love in the nativity, buried under heaps of used garlands and discarded wrappings? Boxing Day! Try it, you'll like it! Back here the post-X, YZ Generation of Korean Flower Children will take pride in how they were instrumental in reshaping Love on the Lonely Planet! Doing it without a Woodstock, drugs or psychedelic music - just candy and friendship!
  2. This is not tongue in cheek Out of character I'm serious about this . . . I think?

March 14

Four Noble Truth Of Me?

Ted in KOREA! at MSN

Copyright 1996 - 2005 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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