July 2002

Congratulations to Dayle Duffy

Dayle Duffy

International Portrait Artist

        Dayle lives with her husband and two young children on their farmette in Mt. Airy, Maryland. She raises chickens, ducks and bunnies while hosting other wild critters on their property, which is designated as a nature preserve. Her studio is the perfect spot to create her lifelike and sensitive portraits of wildlife. Dayle studied art her entire life - both at home and abroad. In her twenties, she worked her way around the world doing portraits and sketches. She immigrated to Australia and became a celebrity there due to her portrait talent. Other than her art being featured on TV, newspapers, in major department stores and hotel chains, she was a guest entertainer aboardrincess Cruises out of Sydney. She entertained passengers with art classes and artwork while cruising the South Pacific. Later, in London, she worked for CBS London doing portraits of famous recording artists for album covers. In her 30's after returning to the states, she continued as a portraitist in Annapolis, Md. while returning to college for her BS degree. She sailed the Atlantic one summer on a 65 foot Trimaran and landed in the Azores where she was hired to do artwork for their summer festival and department of tourism. After earning her undergraduate degree she worked as a Montgomery County Art Specialist for 18 years. During those years she went on to earn a Masters of Education in Special Education. Her latest "adventure" has been to present her limited edition prints "Winter Wolves", "Evening Wolves" and recently "The Promise". Through "The Promise" and the offer of individual portraits, Dayle tries to give something to so many mourning without remains. The print is her way to give something of meaning to so many of those who lost so much, in such a tragic way. Dayle feels her talent, given by God, should be used to Glorify Him. Her artwork, accompanied with appropriate Scripture, tries to turn the viewer's focus to our Creator and His love for us. Visit Dayle's Web site!
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