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Wm Murray
*The TimePage*
William Murray is our September's Honorary Boomer Of The Month and his web site is our first of "Best Boomer's WebSite". You see, Bill is a WWII baby and considered himself a cusper since he was born in 1942 which puts him right at the turn according to Strauss and Howe. He felt that he didn't identify with the GI's outlook and was not totally in sync with the Boomer mentality that emerged after WWII. Althought all of the life that he remembers, has been dominated by the Boomer psychology. He felt that he has a pretty stoggy world view which suggests Silent generation but his kids are solid gen-Xers. (One of his children just got married and another is still in college). Bill is an Aerospace worker in Seattle. He migrated to Seattle nearly 30 yrs ago after a youth spent in the wilds of L.A. Some time ago he read a book by William Strauss and Neil Howe (S&H) called "Generations" and he felt that he has a little insight into this feeling. It seems that he is sitting right in the gap between two powerful generations. He was born too late to participate and too early to celebrate. Bill felt that since he has accumulated so much history, he would like to share his knowledge with others. Finally, he designed and crated the TimePage, an excellent web site that is filled with FACTS and Time Line back in history for different generations. Bill's vision for his web site is completed and he plans to update and also add features that will bring us further to the next generations, the "Forward Looking" into the future of the next Millinium. Bill's TimePage is used regularly to get school children interested in US History. Many Boomers also find that the web site is useful when they are conducting research or different generations and cultural heritages. You will appreciate his dedications and efforts that goes into making this site. If you like history and want to find various facts about history and time-line, this site is a good site that presents an easy to read pages with minimum graphics for fast loading. pamur@seanet.com http://www.seanet.com/~pamur/time.html
"We're all entitled to our own opinions... but we have to share the facts."

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