Boomer Of The Month - February 1999

Derek Gore

      Life Approach: Pragmatic Optimist. A near death experience at age twelve taught me how fragile life really is, and heightened my awareness of our spirituality as beings. Balance and moderation in life are foreign to me. Especially growing up in the New York area in the 60's. I can, and therefore must, do as much possible with this life. Read before age four and became a student of Philosophies and theologies early in life. My belief systems are eclectic and are closest to Spinoza, and Ayn Rand's Objectivist Philosophy. Influences: Hesse, Kafka, Rand, Clausewitz, Spinozza, Kalil Gibran, Blanchard, Later Demming, Covey, Jack Kerouac, Cleaver, Malcolm X, Anais Nin, Michener, Uris, Dan Fogleberg, Early Simon and Garfunkel, Janis, Jimmy Hendrix, Clapton, the Stones, Moody Blues, King Crimson, Cat Stevens, CCR, Tull, Jarreau, and Billy Joel. Flowers Smelled: Sous Chef, Marketing, Entrepreneur, Military Professional, Electronics repair, Weapons expert, Professional DJ, Singer songwriter, Teacher, CEO, Diver, Skier, Counselor, Friend, Lover, Husband, Father, Grandfather, had all the Material Things, and Beauty as it manifests in the world and people around us. Truths Found: Found one truth at least. We are here to help each other as we progress along life's cornucopia of experiences. I have had the opportunity to affect many lives as I mentored others, and taught mentorship, and excellence to thousands. Started the first private ISP service in Bitburg Germany which is going strong today. Taught leadership and team building that worked instead of the "scream of the week" trends. Have had many of my protoges stay in contact and lead in their own right. We create safe spaces for people to work in, that allows their personal and professional needs to be in congruence. Education: Dropped out in the 9th grade. Resumed at age 30, and was like a kid in a candy shop! Finally settled down and got my first BS after 236 semester hours of searching through the great minds of the world. AS In Instructional Technology, BS in Sociology, Halfway through Masters in International Relations. All but one course to complete BS In Industrial Technology. Love the Academic world. Where We Have Been: All over Europe for the seven years we lived there. Bogota, Columbia, S.A. for a year, across most of the US and Canada. North Africa (Egypt), and now our entire continent. Where I'm at now: Retired, sold all non-essentials, travel America in our 35 foot 5th wheel RV, with my wife of 26 years and Bogart the Wonder Dog. We are discovering America one person and town at a time. We find her to be intact, dynamic, and worthy of her past. We volunteer and assist others on the road with technology solutions to communicating in mobile environments. Our business is our lifestyle. One day we'll return. In the meantime working with the Boomer International Club to provide a medium for interaction and reinforcement of the noble vision we formed so long ago. Seems like yesterday!
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