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      MAY 1999 Boomer Of The Month Boomer Of The Month The boomer of the month is Darlene Lavoie. Born in 1948, she has two sons and one daughter. She's been married for 34 years. Two years ago, she and her husband built a house together. In the Boomers' chat room, Darlene is known as "ScorpioGrl1." Darlene spent most of her working life in child care. Now, she works for a law firm. "Guess you could call me a file clerk," she chuckles. Darlene loves people and likes it when everybody's happy. This shows when she's in the chat room. She's always there to bring a big smile to everyone's face. Darlene is BOOMERS CLUB's Welcoming committee and she is an excellent host at her job... She is the SUNSHINE GAL !!!! Darlene has been on-line for a few years and she introduced so many of her great freinds to the Boomers International Club. This is one of Darlene's great talents and assets, she has the ability to attract and meet so many friends with her warm, friendly and loving personality. Her favorite colors are green and pink. What a fine combination of colors. Congratulations, Darlene, on being Boomer-of-the-Month!

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