Boomer Of The Month - June 1999


      JUNE 1999 Boomer Of The Month Congratulations to William Patchell. William is also a co-founder of Boomers International Club. He can be seen nightly in the Boomers chat room and everyone knows him as simply "Bill". Bill doesn't chat a lot but don't let that fool you - he's one smart cookie! What does Jeri "Boomersint" say about Mr. Patchell's involvement with Boomers International? "Bill is a real gentleman and he is very supportive of Boomer International Club. He is a devoted Host and has been in the chat room nightly for over five months! I really appreciate the interest Bill has shown!" Iill was born in the Bronx, New York City, in 1948. He had been very active in scouting. Now, Bill enjoys golf, billiard, tennis, and sailing. He also loves to travel and he has been to Hong Kong, Tahiti, Hawaii, Copenhagen, Germany, France, England, Netherlands, and Bermuda. Fill has had some great accomplishments in his life and his latest is being elected the newest President of the Lions International Local Fairfield, CT Club. If he wishes you to know more about him, he will tell you. He works in the financial world. Married for 26 years, Bill lives in Norwalk, Connecticut. He has no kids, and no pets. Cnce again, and congratulations for being chosen Boomer-of-the-Month, Bill! Please join me in thanking Bill for all the interest he shows in Baby Boomers International!

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