Boomer Of The Month - SEPTEMBER 1999

James Starowicz

      September 1999 Boomer Of The Month Congratulations to Jim From: Originally upstate New York Currenly live now in Kannapolis NC and for past three years. Age: 50 Marital Status: Not, never have been (Too Busy) Work: Am a Carpenter By Trade,but also Do Many other trades in the Construction Industry, and have been doing so for over 30 years. now! Love the Ladies, especially the ones who don't play Any Games, are Honest with themselves first and with others, Love all types of Music,but am most interested now in Smooth Jazz and Cool Blues!! I used to be an avid Reader until I started messing with this (internet) thing again, still read but am behind!! I'm a people watcher, and with the technology today am amazed at what folks can put together with this and the talents they have, yet am in constant wonder why we act the way we do in Reality, will never have those Questions answered in this life time, but it is interesting study and has always helped me Develope as a person,even if I do get things Wrong!! Have taken College Courses of subjects that interest me, but come from a very large Family of what I like to call Very Intelligent Blue Collar Folks,that have Gone Very Far without a piece of Paper telling us we're Intelligent!! Vietnam Vet, Ran Armory Naval HeadQuarters Saigon and Rode Rivers on PRB's. Also worked with the Seals as they had an Amory in same Compound! Served 4yrs, in the Navy Came out a GunnersMate 2nd Class. 1st year Merridian Naval Air Station,1 1/2yrs. Rodman Naval Station Panama Canal Zone. Naval SERE Training Coronado Calif. Then In Country Vietnam!!! Have a website at:
      that I play with and use to help me understand more about all this!!

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