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      October 1999 Boomer Of The Month Congratulations to Anne Meet Anne: FLowerChild1967/BunnyLoverA Anne, a flowerchild from the late '60's, still hangs on to the ideals of her youth in many ways. A TRUE Donovan fan through the decades, she named her only son, Donovan. (This great honour helped her to meet her idle (Donovan Leitch) several times!!) She's the single parent of a wonderful, musically talented genus, who turns 20 Oct. 3rd. An artist all her life, she made a living as Toronto's BEST Middle Eastern Dancer (Belly Dancing) for over 25 years. She loves the stage, theatre & film and although a back injury has ended her dancing career, she continues to work in film & television as a background performer...always hoping for that LUCKY BREAK!!! Principal role as Lady in the Street for the evangelical film "Apocalypse:Caught in the Eye of the Storm" was her most recent.(a Jack Van Impie Production) She played the Belly Dancer in the film, "Two Men" directed by Gordon Pinsent, and also in a segment of SCTV starrring Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas. Anne has been teaching her theatrical & artistic craft in Toronto Public Schools for 2 decades and enjoys the role as educator and is currently back in college earning her TESL certificate...(Teach English as a Second Language). English grammar is no stranger to Anne, but creative writing is one of her passions. She writes satirical stageplays for her young students to perform, as well as midieval, bawdy plays for her hobby group, the SCA..The Society for Creative Anachronism. She becomes a 9th century Byzantine named Anastasia Angelus Corinthios or a 16th century innkeeper of "The Olde Frothing Frog", Lil O' London Now O' Eoforwic. She creates her own period costumes designes instinctively!!! Anne is an animal lover, mother of a cat named Patience, a bunny named Pip, a green frog named New Guy, (and 35 shubinkin born in her backyard pond!) As a pond keeper and enthusiast, she enjoys her summer days in the back yard, making a wild garden for butterflies and frogs/toads and ALL the birds that happen to pass by. Although she lives in the heart of a big city, her home is an oasis for mother nature, family, friends and her sanity. :-)

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