September 2000

Congratulations to BELL!

                  A very talented Artist, Writer and Poet ! Bell is an Artist, Poet and a beautiful soul! Bell has lived in Indiana (USA) most her life. Born Sept 23rd she began singing at the age of ten with her father who was a bluegrass fiddle player. Music, color and words became important at a young age and after Bell's two children were grown she decided to continue her love of all three. The internet became the canvas where she begin to share her work with the world not realizing the impact it would have on so many lives. She is a lover of animals, serene places, nature, laughter, adventure, history, garage sales, fishing, travel, antiques and old homes. Her favorite season is autumn. She loves many types of music, art, looks forward to the challenge of change and learning new things. She plays 12 string guitar, some piano, composes, paints, writes poetry, children's stories and short stories. Her favorite movies are romantic-comedies. Visit Bell's web sites:
                  The End - A Duet
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