November 2000

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Christina Coruth

                I'm the proud owner of 50 years of life on this planet, more specifically in New Hampshire, USA. In my younger days, I was politically active. I was a campaign worker, public speaker, and speech writer. I am married to a wonderful man and we had two great children. A chronic medical problem took the decision of whether or not to be a stay at home Mom out of my hands. I developed a passion for gardening, crafts, and amateur astronomy while my children were young. Five years ago I purchased my first computer, and with it the kind of freedom only a homebound person could appreciate. I made my first tentative steps back into writing when I became a Contributing Editor at Suite101. The bi-weekly article schedule was all I could handle at the time since I was the daycare provider for my grand children, who by the way, are the most delightful grand children any Nana was ever blessed with. Six months ago, the youngest entered nursery school. I decided to devote most of my waking hours to my life long dream of writing. I am the Managing Editor of Biography, Genealogy, and Insignia at, as well as the Contributing Editor of the New Hampshire topic. I have an Astronomy column, an Irish Culture column, and a collection of miscellaneous articles and short stories at Themestream. I publish a monthly email Irish Culture Newsletter and I have written many articles for Pagewise. All in all, I'd say that life at fifty is very good! New Hampshire Themestream Articles Tina Christina Coruth
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