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By Judith Rajala

Welcome to the Women's site of Boomers International!

I, as your editor, would like you to feel as if this place, this site, is your home away from home. The goal of Boomers International is to make this world a better place to live - and we women must do our part. This is a new age with new opportunities and grand adventures that await us all. It is up to us to shape our future. As the new Century swept across the planet, we saw women the world over CELEBRATING and SHARING their joy. That is my goal for this site. I want us to CELEBRATE our womanhood and SHARE our experiences with each other.

Who are we?

As Boomers, we are defined by our age, but we are so much more than that. Women make up the majority of the population. We influence elections, we influence education, and we influence consumerism. We are the heads of corporations and the matriarchs of families -- and everything in between. We are everyone and everywhere. And one day, in the not too distant future, one of us (or one of our daughters) may be the President of the United States.

Our differences are vast, and yet we are all the same. I want this site to CELEBRATE our differences and to SHARE in our similarities.

Come to Boomers International

Tell me and other women what you think and what you feel. What is it like to be a single woman on welfare? What is it like to be a suburban mother who drives carpools all day long? What is it like to be powerful and wealthy? What is it like to be alone? What is it like getting older?

Tell me about your jobs. Tell me about your dreams. Tell me about your frustrations. Tell me about your successes. Tell me why you're depressed. Tell my why you're happy. Tell me everything! Share it with us all. Only through this SHARING can we realize that we are truly all the same. We were born the same and we will eventually leave this planet the same. It's what we do in between that makes all of us so different and unique. Let's REJOICE and CELEBRATE in our differences, as we SHARE in our womanhood.

We can make this world a better place -- together.

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