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Senior Housing Net
    August 4, 2000
    Information On Document Lists You 
    Will Need As A Caregiver
    By: Gail R Mitchell
    As a caregiver of a spouse or a parent, 
    it is important to make sure you have 
    important information stored in a safe 
    place. For the next several weeks we 
    will include lists for you to print out. 
    These lists will provide research that 
    you will need to take action with so 
    that your caregiving role will be easier. 
    If you have professional assistance or 
    a Hospice, this information will be of 
    great value in many ways for them to 
    learn more about your loved one. You 
    will be able to print out each list so 
    you may create a notebook which will 
    contain all the information you need to 
    know about your loved one. This is 
    especially helpful if you are a long 
    distance caregiver. However, it is 
    equally important to be knowledgeable 
    about all the information you will need 
    to know.
    Types of Checklists:
    ·Action Plan For Caregivers
    ·Checklist For Families Providing 
     Basic Needs
    ·Deciding How and When to Step 
    ·Providing Basic Needs
    ·Medical History List Which Includes  
    ·Personal Documents
    ·Your Loved One's Preferences
    ·Emergency Documents
    ·Hiring Care on Your Own
    ·Providing Basic Needs
    ·Evaluating Care Options
    ·Medication Do's and Don'ts
    ·Proper Lifting Techniques
    ·Taking Away The Keys - Providing  
     Basic Needs
    ·Adapting to New Living Arrangements 
     - Providing Basic Needs
    ·Financial Payment Sources and  
     Housing Needs Assessment
    ·Home Care Services
    ·Home Safety: Preparing the home
    ·Nursing Home Assessment
    ·Funeral Planning
    A Caregiver's Action Plan:
    By setting up a plan of action, your 
    role as a caregiver will run smoother. 
    You will be able to take control of your 
    life while caring for your loved one.  
    Remember that by taking action, you 
    have begun taking responsibility for 
    your own personal well-being. This is 
    the most important factor in remaining 
    balanced so you can care for your loved 
    one with more love and effectiveness.
    The following is a checklist that you 
    may choose to follow. You may find 
    only some suggestions useful. You 
    may also add ideas that come to 
    mind as you read through them.
    ·I will seek all the help I can find.
    ·I will allow my family to help.
    ·I will involve my family in decisions.
    ·I will share the burdens of 
     caregiving with others, especially 
     other caregivers.
    ·I will research all aspects of their 
     illnesses, the courses of action 
     and will remain well informed. I 
     will allow a sufficient amount of 
     time to do the research properly. 
     I will check out as many options 
     as I am able to do. I will research 
     all costs involved and who pays 
     for it.
    ·I will set short and long term 
     goals for my carerecipient and 
     myself. I will learn what I need 
     to do and the reasons for doing it.
    ·I will write everything down in an 
     organized manner. This includes 
     dating all my notes, records, goals, 
     ideas, phone numbers, questions, 
     answers, promises, appointments, 
     chores, and decisions. I will keep 
     them in a planner or in one location 
     so I will know where everything is 
     when I need it.
    ·I will work at understanding the 
     emotions I will go through such as: 
     confusion, anger, guilt, hurt, anxiety, 
     depression, fear, etc, knowing fully 
     that these feelings are all part and 
     parcel for the role of caregiver.
    ·I will stop trying to be perfect and 
     in control of everything. I will be 
     realistic about what I can and can't 
     do. I will be assertive and set 
     boundaries when necessary.
    ·I will be prepared for the unexpected 
     as well as the expected. I will remember 
     the only guarantee in life is that there 
     are no guarantees.
    ·I will take care of my emotional, 
     mental,  physical and spiritual needs.
    ·I will remain in contact with the 
     outside world.
    ·I will plan for the future to the 
     best of my capabilities with the 
     given situation at hand.
    ·I will work at learning better tools 
     to communicate with the person I 
     am caring for, even if communication 
     becomes difficult.
    ·I will recognize and admit when I 
     am in denial.
    ·I will define my objectives into one 
     concise statement when it comes 
     to decision-making and problem 
    ·I will list all constraints such as 
     time, money, etc. that come up in 
     my role as a caregiver. I will list all 
     possible solutions by evaluating their 
     pluses and minuses.
    ·I will do whatever is necessary to 
     find the proper care for my 
     carerecipient so that they receive 
     the right care and the proper quality 
     of life they deserve.
    ·I will recognize when I am burning 
     out and get the professional help 
     I need.
    ·I will remain clear, focused, and 
     loving, as I commit to doing my 
     best to serve my loved one with 
     compassion and understanding.
    This Caregiver's Action plan, as you 
    can see encompasses the majority 
    of issues you will encounter as a 
    caregiver. Again, work with the list 
    as you see fit.  Make the choice to 
    fulfill your role as best as you can 
    with love and care.
    Other Pertinent Articles:
    For New Caregivers  
    Caregiver’s Bill Of Rights
    Getting Comfortable As A Caregiver In Your New Role Richest Blessings, Gail We look forward to the opportunity of serving you. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions. Please feel free to contact us at: or

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