Page Setup and Owner's Utilities

Welcome to the utilities section of the comments page. This allows the owner of the page to start the comments page for the first time, change the parameters of the page, delete entries that are old, or delete entries that contain certain words or characters.

Select an action:

Create Index Page
Choose this option when running this script for the first time. It creates a basic comments page that is all set up and ready to run for you. You can then go back and manually change the words or layout if you want to.
Change your Password
This option allows you to change your password. To update the page from now on, you will need to enter your password, and you should choose one of your own immediatly after setting up the page.
Update the comments page
This is the option you'll be using on a regular basis. It lets you delete comments on your page that are older thn a certain date, or comments that contain a certain string. This means there is no need to edit the actual file itself - everything can be done from here.
Change the list of unusable words
There are certain words that most people find offensive, and they are not allowed to be put onto the comments page. You can edit this list of words if you want to add more, or if you don't want to have any at all.