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Date: Sun Feb 20 00:43
Jeri Maier (
Please tell us what you think of our web site !! Thanks, Love and Light !!

Date: Wed Mar 8 08:25
Sam -NY (
Great beginning. I look forward to many more writings from the editor and the other boomer Internional writers. keep up the good work.

Date: Wed Mar 8 08:29
Stan Johnson (
Sorcha - I love your style. I look forward to a lot more from you

Date: Thu Mar 9 07:26
LaneS (
As a man I understand where Gary is coming from. My friends are all from the days gone-by. I can't wait to read more.

Date: Thu Mar 9 15:05
Reed Murphy (
Funny stuff - thanks Gary

Date: Fri Mar 10 15:48
Jeri (
Great writing Gary ... looking forward to more articles from you and Boomers Int'l.

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