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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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View from office windows

    So You Want to Live in the Country?
    I finally closed up the freshly cleaned rental house and got into my Jeep Grand Cherokee - All readied for the trip on Hiway 101 heading down south. SO you wanna live in the country???? 07/20/2001
    Hello, yes, I am finally ready to live in the country. Country life, country living is the ultimate dreams of many city folks!!!!! So I heard! Finally, I can see miles and miles of mountains, hills, meadows and vineyards. Clear blue skies right out of my office windows while I am typing this. Finally, I can see thousand of stars in the pitch-black sky at night. I can see the moon the size of a giant plate - bright yellow and hanging low over the mountain ranges. In the still of the night - all avoid of traffic noises or any human interaction. No other sight can be more beautiful and captivating. Finally, I can feel the freshness of the earth and the clearest of the sky the day after it rained during the night. The birds chirping on the trees and picking on the worms while they chase each other around the yard. The birds even built their nests in the bushes, on the outside patios they are trusting of human being. How great to be able to pick the apples off the trees, eat them and feel the sweetness and crispness of the fruits melting right in my mouth. Apple pie tastes 10 times better when they are made with fresh apples. Finally, fresh herbs from my own garden, green and fresh. No dried, old leaves in the bottles, no pesticides and no preservatives. Food tastes better fresh!! BUT can you imagine any of the others UNPLEASANTNESS associated with country living?? Can you even think of them before you move out to the country?? No one would. At least I never did ... 07/21/2001
    Yes, yes, I live in the country now. I used to live in the SUBURB!! Right in the HEART and SOUL of Silicon Valley in the midst of small and big cities after cities in the South of San Francisco Bay. It was to me, the area where most of the highways and by-ways are parking lots during rush hours of the day. It WAS at one time the CENTER of the INTERNET and HIGHTECH world, or to say the least CENTER of the INTERNET UNIVERSE!! I took the Voluntary Separation Packages from INTEL Corporation - aha, yes, Intel, the biggest Chip company in the world! (But that's another story here in the near future!) I retired in July of this year and now.... I have a taste of LIVING in THE COUNTRY!!! WELL, WELL, WELL.... Really, I never dreamt of these before I moved down here..... Slow pace of living in the country. NO DSL or Cable Modem That devastating....for our INTERNET biz!!! Having to dial up to another town, although it is a local phone call it is still very slow and no capability to hook up all my servers!!!!!!! Considering.... $300 a month for co-location in town or a town nearby. $150 a month in another several towns, all about 50-60 miles away. Everything is slow here except drivers! They all drive 15-20 over speed limit Most business people do not return your phone call. (one out of 6 do!) There are lots of work at the ranch Right now it is quite hot, 90-107 during the day. We have to water about an hour to 2 hours by hand. At night there are some sprinkler running. Everything is far away the center of town is 7 miles away. In Silicon Valley where I used to live, the market was around the corner and to the nearest shopping center was 2 miles. To work, my daily commute was only 4 miles one way. Well, ofcourse living in the suburb one has to live with traffice noises, fire siren, truck and motorcycles rumbling in the streets near by.... WEEKEND visitors !!!! So far SO GOOD - We have been busy here with constant visits from FAMILIES & Friends!!!! 08/11/2001
    The computer repair shop gave me a telephone number of the Satellite DSL company. Called and got in touch with Henry. He is a business man who made millions in the Bank Building Maintenance biz... He came to the ranch and told me that he is planning to install the Satellite DSL for this area. He planned to invest about $800,000 and he checked around and discovered that Verizon has a telephone tower near by. To have the Satellite DSL installed at a ranch for $99.00 a month is not a bad deal at all... Especially that a static IP address is available and will be provided so I would be able to set up my own servers again.... Servers' UP dude!!!!! 08/25/2001
    Making a living or the $$$$$$ I went up to the grove to check on the plants at the grove. The packing house called and said that the avocados are readied for picking.

    Picking days are here....

    The crates are avocados ready to go to the packer. The avocado grove is 21 acres but there are about 17 acres of avocado trees. I have been thinking of and am looking for vineyard or good land to grow grapes. What about Soy Beans? There are good produce to grow and now I am interested in Soy Beans. I wrote to a friend who has a farm and lives in Kentucky. "Do you get government subsidy for growing soybeans? Do you have any information? I love to eat Soy Beans and they are so expensive. Is it a profitable crop to grow?" He replied to me with quite a bit of good information. He is a real farmer with 220 acres of crops lol... 09/11/2001
    Life as we know it changed forever that day. A call came in from one of the ranch hands and I was up pretty early that morning. Came down and turned on CNN... We watched in sorrow and it was a horrorific experience. Most of us were glued to television for days which turns to weeks... 09/21/2001
    Still haven't heard from Henry about progress of his Satellite DSL installation plans. Although, I saw lots of activities on the Water Tower where there was a lone GTE-SPRINT Telephone poles on it. Now, I can see there are several new poles there... 10/11/2001
    The county started the road work construction on Anza. It would be nice to have a pave road. Still... NO Sattelite DSL installation. Are you surprise? Some people are talking about globalization and grand plan for wiring the remote places in the world to bridge the digital gaps..... HERE we are in Southern California, 45 minutes from San Diego, an hour and a half from downtown Los Angeles...... HELP!! Can anyone hear me???? I need the server connection without paying $300 a month......
    Country II Continued.

    Country III Continued.

    Archived Articles.

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