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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

View from office windows


    So You Want to Live in the Country?
    Lots of things happened since 7/11/2001 after I moved in.. Finally the road is paved and it is wonderful to be able to drive on a nice paved road instead of the dusty and sometimes muddy dirt road.... And oh Guess WHAT ??? I discovered all these wonderful country living benefits and uh........ Living in The Paradise Tri_valley Wine Country.. Oh, I also discovered Noises POLLUTION!!!!! 1) Cannon gunshots in one of the vineyards. During the late summer when the grapes are riping and ready for the birds to pick ... well, some vineyard owners have to have some kind of devices to protect their grapevines!!!!! TO scare the birds away they have a device that creates the shooting sound every 5 minute apart. This bother me so much that I placed a call to the city, who directed me to call the county. These are the responses I received mainly from my calls to the county sheriff's office. "There is noting you can do about it." "They are allowed to start at 7am to 10pm at night" "If they starts before 7am, you should go over and talk to them and tell them about it" "They will be picking soon - the noises should stop afterwhich, then!" "I live in the winecountry too and yes, I hear those booming noises" (YEAH really, but you are at the office all day and you don't get home until after they finish the GUN SHOTS!!!!!!!!) hahahaah! I also have an uneasy feeling about pesticide spraying of the surrounding vineyards to eradicate the Pierce's disease. The disease caused an estimate of about $40 million in damage of vineyards in California and about $14 million in damage to this area vineyards. 2) Neighbors' dogs barking incessantly in the middle of the night... (Well, a trade off - instead of the car & truck traffic and police and fire engine siren noises WAILING....) 3) There's a Chicken who loves to get up and does his cock-a-doo-dee-doo at 4am in the morning... seriously.... lol... 5) Small airplanes and helicopters flying all over the sky above our house. (The French Valley airport is 15 miles away) 6) A Dare-Devil lady practices her airplane flying stunt! Top Gun lady loves to fly her little airplane practicing stunt flying over the ranch and her show is on almost EVERY evening. She disappeared for a while after Sept. 11 but in the end of October she started again. ANNOYING and the STUNTS look scarey for me!!! First she fly up in the air, makes a U and then she does the free-falling all the way down.. and swooshes up again...... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! 5) Motor-cycles riders on offroads & dirt hills this is noise pollution as well as endangered to the enronvironmental and endangered species that lives in the fields. 6) Grapes picking machines and trucks during the night and early morning hours. 7) Dust from surrounding hills and dirt roads. 8) People living in mobile homes with unsightly junks in their yards. As well as inconsiderate people from the city who drove out here and dumped junks in the empty fields and by the side of country roads near Eucalyptus grove and the empty fields!!!! 9) People driving 70 miles per hours on country dirt road. and spewing dirt and mud and scaring horses and dogs.. 10) Inconsiderate drivers who drive so fast leaving the plume of dust behind .. I read in the local paper about a driver who knocked down a jr. high school boy riding on a bicyle toward his home. The unknown hit and run driver kept going and didn't stop for the boy who, fortunately enough not to have any major injury. 11) Coyotes, wolves and dogs running around loose.. A neighbor's dog attacked Barney the cat. $350 for stitches from Vet's Bills. (Barney went into neighbor's yard and his dog was trying to protect his territory) 12) A BIG GIANT Fans in the Citrus grove usually run early in the morning or in the middle of the night to ward off the bitter cold air so the oranges will not freeze... GRRRR I felt like I was in the Vietnam War... they sounds like 10 helicopters flying around your house. (*I would not mind the windmills sound that generate electricty. That would be cool to have so we will be depending less on import oils) 13) I also encountered the Santa Ana winds! (Hot air but ferocious winds howling in the afternoon or sometimes, all night long, A Santa Ana wind knocked out the electricity, 12-09-01) Fortunately that the wind was not as strong as in the hills where most of the avocado grove is situated. SO, there were not many avocadoes fallen off to the ground because of the wind. In that case if the winds damaged those trees and knock the avocadoes down, the price would plummet tremendously, FOR US THE GROWERS, OFCOURSE! Do not think it affect the fruit prices at the market at all!! HMMMMMMM 14) Currently we have the possibility of 190 ft. electric power towers and lines running along Anza Road which is about 2/3 miles from our ranch. (Aaarrrrgggghh, I have the 'NOT IN MY BACKYARD" syndrome!!!!! - YEAH, we might need the electricity BUT put the lines and TOWERS somewhere else .. OUT in the BOONDOCK where there's no one living there!) 11/18/2001. My son drove us to the vineyard area to meet his wife. He drove the Jeep slowly over the country road behind one of the vineyards. I could see cloud of dust flying all over the dirt road. "Someone just drove over here", I told my son No sooner then, we heard the thundering sounds of the Offroad vehicles. As we turned around the corner we saw another clouds of dust and nearly ran into one of the motorcycles that swerved and barely missed us. Another 2 followed him and they all drove so fast, straight down the dirt road. As soon as we saw Jess (my daughter-in-law) riding on her horse we turned into the field and joined her. "They have been racing each other up and down the road and they barely missed us" She was on her horse "Bella" and she had a miniature horse "Flicka" and their dog "Thaili" with her.
    As we talked, a young woman motorcyclist came roaring by again with her friends in the offroad vehicle. She nearly ran "Flicka" off the road. Several of the other kids are up on the small hills and roaring their engines, racing up and down the dirt roads that they carved on from their daily runs. We were furious and had a confrontation with the two and we told them that we would call the sheriff. "Go ahead, the number is 911 - don't forget that" She said. WOW, these countrywomen - they are WILD!!! Well, I tried to use my cell phone but I didn't remember the Riverside county sheriff's non-emergency phone number so I waited until I came home and called and reported them. I don't know whom these kids are but they are revving up their motorcycles and riding up and down on the small hills. Some day, we can hear them every afternoon and see them in the distant on those open fields. That particular day we definitely saw them racing up and down on the dirt roads behind the vineyards I am not mean and was very patient with them since they are mostly teenagers and young people. but when they are endangering our lives and our animals - I had to act. 11/20/2001 Neighborhood dogs attacked Sacha, Brian's Dog. $500 for stitches on her tail and body. Overall
    There are lots of good by products of living in the wine country and I enjoy it... continuing... LOL.... 15) Music or band playing Friday or Saturday night.. I love it.. I could dance to those musics. 16) Hot Air Balloons... especially weekend.. I don't mind them - only when they are flying too low... HEY, Get off my roof .... LOL.... 17) Proximity to many of the big cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego without having live in them. Small town values.. 14) Local newspaper still print local school lunch menus local grade school students ran lap and raised $13,030 for the $13,000 the school needed to keep computer lab technician staff for the school year. There is plenty of local news, school news and there are lots of activities for all ages - great communities events and spirits.... When one read the local paper, one can feel more of the community spirits here as well. 11/29/2001 Placed another call about the Satellite DSL to Henrey's company. He said that I should hear from him by the end of next week. a nutshell... A CONTINUING SAGA... So you wanna live in the country???? Alright, I am sure will get in trouble for this one.... hahahaha... Well, let me tell you .... The welcome sign on Rancho California stated clearly!!! Welcome to The Wine Country! This is clearly the OLDER Yuppies' Valley. On the wine country, there are minimum acres to your house. There are many, many and probably over 100 of million dollar homes and horse equestrians built around these hugh country estates. This is where there are 19 (most well worth over several million dollars) wineries serving thirsty weekend wine tasters from Southern California regions. Another 3 wineries just opened. Welcome to the Tri-Valley Wine Country!!!
    UPDATED 12/07/2001 GOODIES!!! My daughter-in-law told us that there were signs posted all over the vineyard backroads and on the empty properties. The signs indicated that motor-cycle riding is prohibited in the area. Yippies!!!!

    NO, NO, NO - Not my house
    Thornton Winery - down the street!
    Delicious B-B-Q dinner on Monday Night
    Oh, $36.00 per person !!!!! LOL

    Ok, here's more like it.... That's the back of the house, and the pool.
    View outside my office windows. You like??? 11/30/2001 All and all... Today is supposed to be a BLUE MOON night. Beautiful Blue Moon hung over the hills. Georgeous sight to be seen and not one that you can see to appreciate when you live in the city. Fresh air after the rain. You can see for miles on a clear day. All the way over the hills and valleys. Bright sun shine and clear blue sky. Nature and vastness of the open country is good for the soul and spirit. Bright stars when there's no moon that is one of the greatness of living in the country. I can think of many other lovely feelings when you are living in the country. The only thing left to make this picture perfect if your country home is also in the distant of or near the beach!! The perfect picture on my mind is of the picture of the barn that I saw in Morro Bay. It has the meadows and mountain on the east and the Pacific Ocean and the beach on the west side! There are areas in California that you can make this picture come true ...If you can affoord it then you can still have a place in Ventura county, North of Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Cambria, Big Sur, Central Coast, Sonoma and Mendocino.
Living In The Country 3- Continued...

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