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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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View from office windows


    So You Still Wanna Live in the Country?
    A neighbor's was out running around and got hit by a car. The dog's leg was broken badly and he had to take it to the vet hospital in San Diego. The dog had to stay in the vet hospital and he finally bought it home after he paid $2800! He had no idea how his dog got hit and who hit his dog.
    Welcome to Southern Cal Wine Country!!!

    Beautiful B&B
    Churon Winery - near Thornton Winery.

    Cabernet Anyone?

    Dream Vines

    My SoCal Vineyards & Wineries Site

    Bella and Flicka....

    Kids House

    Guest house

    That's too close for comfort!!

    That's better !!

    Hello???? Tell me, is it Beautiful up there???

    Avocado Highway - FOR REAL !!!!!!

    Avocado trees with fruits
    My Avocado Site

    So You still wanna live in the country????
    In closing....... I hope you enjoy these photos and my journals. Many of you could say 'how pompous - you have more than any poor people in the poor countries could ever dream off.... " Yes I do have a lot and I love it.... I am blessed that I have what I have... I am blessed that I can share what I have... I am blessed that I have worked hard, planned wisely all my life, worked hard (sometimes days and nights) and earned what I have today..... But what I am complaining about and what I am concerned with here is not all about me or just for me.... POLLUTIONS and destroying the natural and nature's way of life is one of the reason that I am most uncomfortable with. Another aspect of life is that - there ought to be a balance somewhere between making money and being considerate to people living in the vicinity. (I am talking about the gun shots sound in the vineyards!!!) One of the reasons people move out to live in the country is to enjoy the nature and the natural beauty. As a person living in the country, I am not very happy with many of the elements that degrading the natural beauty and nature's way. Well, if I am too upset, the beach is only 45 minutes away anyway.... I can visit my son and see what I can complain about at the beach ..... LOL.... But, seriously, I love living in the country... and many of the issues that I raised and pointed out here can be changed or improve. You can bet that I am going to do something about it to change, and or make it a better place than I have found. I am going to be the keeper of nature's way and the way of life that will honor the sanctity of nature and natural beauty. I hope to see you around our web site again... I have a feeling that I am not done with this story yet ... at all. Peace, Love and Light, Jeri Maier
    More Photos
    New Update Living In The Country

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