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Create PEACE!

By Soren Groth

I'm Sören, a human being, male, danish, living in Sweden, a father... but most of all just a human being.

I wish it was in a world of joy over the manifold of life I wake up in the morning, but the events of terror and hate ofcourse put a dark cloud over everything.....

I want to express my condoleances to all who have been hurt by the meaningless acts of terrorism.....

There is so much hate in the world..... but remember there's also a lot of love.

I understand the anger americans feel towards the meaningless killing... but don't let the terrorists provoke the very essence of civilisation.... the ability to turn anger into determination.... to act with wisdom, instead of reacting with bitternes and hate.

The fight between good and evil is one we each and one of us have to fight within ourselves, it is not a battle fought with guns and bombs and military actions between good and evil nations or groups, civilised and uncivilised people of different faiths.....

The maledominated rhetoric our leaders use frightens me almost more than evils already done.... as they speak the logic of the terrorists.

Let us find ways to stop this chain of hate.

One thing I react to is the fact that these terrorists have pointed out how vulnerable even the most powerful military defense actually are.... that enemies can strike against the very heart of the worlds strongest military power just using a knife.....

When the anger, the pain, the despair are less, when we try to return to our daily lifes again... when the guilty has been found and punished... I think this is the thing needed to be taken in consideration.....

That there is no military answers to the security of the people of the world..... that for the worker in USA, the worker in Irak, the worker in Afghanistan, the worker in Palestine, the worker in Russia.... the world is unsafe as long as the security politic is based on nations striving for military power.... that the military strength of your nation is no guarantee.....

So I hope for a global cooperation on rethinking the whole concept of security..... I think the best way to prevent terrorism in the future is to put more effort into "war" against poverty, illiteracy, illness and unjustice.... that the leaders of the world take the human rights, the liberties and democracy they say to defend serious not just for the citizens in USA, Europe aso, but also for the people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The terrorists thrive on the despair in marginalised countries.

To prevent future terrorism is also to empower the good among the people living in despair..... then their evils will whither. As well as it empowers the good by the privileged and our own evil will whither.....

The people of Afghanistan have suffered war for 23 years.. different groups of warlords either financed by USA or former Soviet have batttled over their heads.... the ordinary citizen of Afghanistan is no crazy terorist, have not been given any oppurtunity to freedom and democracy..... Usmar bin Laden actually was supported by USA when aiding the talibanis ovethrow the Afghani government then allied with former Soviet......There's lot of crap left over from the days of cold war.... many of the enemies of USA today, was former allies who came to power and opression of their nations populations as bricks in the game of cold war.

Catch the terrorists, catch the leaders supporting them... but for the sake of our future, do not strike back at more innocent people.

It is no surprise to me that there are groups in the world that oppose USA so much, that they've been blinded by that hate. For 3/4 of the worlds population Pentagon, Free World Trade and US foreign politics haven't symbolised freedom, justice and democracy.

Active support to undemocratic regimes not threatening the interests of wealthy democracies have caused much pain. It is time for a change !! Where are the rage against lack of democracy and human rights in arabian countries which are personal property of royal families, some even without written constitutions. But not interfering with our economic interests in the region...... In Kuwait forming of political parties are illegal.. it was not a democracy the US saved from the undemocratic iraqi's.

To often have we closed our eyes and actively supported attrocities, turned our back to progressive forces, which in the long run would be better allies, than the fascist and fundamentalist (conservative) murderers of today, who were allies yesterday.

I hope for an international cooperation not just fighting terorism but also leading to arms reduction and social empowerment. 1/4 of the global military expenditure (accidently the US share) are enough to solve some of the worst social and ecological problems in the world today.... figure out what's safest for you.

Hunt down the terrorists and begin a huge new effort for social empowerment of the poor and marginalised people of the world.... It is the responsibility of USA, Russia and Europe to clean up their own mess in the third world.

Copyright ©2001 Soren Groth


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