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SECTION ONE Sharing Love and Abundance.
SECTION TWO Boomers Depression On The Job.
SECTION THREE What For The Future?
SECTION FOUR Boomers High Lights
SECTION FIVE The Economy & The Recovery.
SECTION SIX Boomer's Tidbits & News.

BOOMERS NEWSLETTER: The purpose of this publication is to

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Season's Greetings.
Year 2001 has almost come to an end.
It's has been a long and trying year
for so many of us.  

With the holiday season approaching,
we do hope that it will be a very 
fufilling time for all of you. 
We hope that you will be able to take
some time off from worry and stress
and spend time with your loved ones,
your family and your friends.

We know that while we feel blessed and 
are thankful for what we have.  We will 
always remember to keep in mind and 
remember all of those who are lost
during the tragidy events on September 11th
and we will remember those who have served 
and sacrificed. 

We would like to extend an invitation 
to friends who are interested in 
helping our fellow human beings
find the true nature of our spirit.
We will resolve to strive to be a 
catalyst and a courier of love, 
faith and hope so that our future 
generation can live in peace. 

We are very grateful for the many 
blessings we already enjoy 
and wish you and your families 
with love, joy and happiness on 
your holiday. May you find peace, love 
and happiness and an abundance of the 
precious things of life. 

Peace, Love and Light,
Boomers International™

SECTION ONE - Sharing Love and Abundance.
In The Holiday Spirit!
By: Jeri Maier

§§ This year, in the midst of national 
tragedy, we saw civility and kindness 
of ordinary people in extraordinary 

More than ever now, the whole world 
is crying out for spiritual healing 
and a quest for peace, harmony and 
unity.  This is a perfect time to 
share our love and our abundance.
When we can share and help others,
we are making the world a better
place for ALL beings.

We at Boomers International, will 
resolve to strive to be a catalyst 
and a courier of love, faith and 
hope.  We hope that our contribution 
to society will bring a positive 
impact all of us and our future 
generation as well. 

Boomers International donoted and will
continue to donate our profits to 
several of the worthy causes and 

We hope that you will share your love
and give to others in your community
as well.  Your kindness and contributions 
will be deeply appreciated from the hearts
and souls of those in need.

Here are few of an "Acts of Kindness" from 
around the country.

§§ College Of Notre Dame students 
hosted and served 400 homeless people in 
Golden Gate Park on Thanksgiving day. 
This was their eighth year of having a 
"Picnic in the Park" for those less fortunate.  
§§ American's children have donated more than
$1.5 million to help the children of Afghanistan.
On Saturday Dec 8, President Bush  helped send off the
first shipment of humanitarian aid purchased from 
funds donated.
America's Fund for Afghan Children 
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20509-1600 
§§ Aids To Kabul Zoo
Animals and their care-takers in need of help received aids from AZA

SECTION TWO - Boomer Work-place Depression on Rise
By: Dr. David Demko
Work-place depression is on the rise, 
says Reg A. Williams, associate professor 
of nursing at the University of Michigan. 
In the United States, over 17 million 
people will have an episode of depression 
each year. Until depression became the focus
of research, occupational health programs 
primarily focused on common physical 
illnesses, but not depression, which is 
known to be one of the most expensive 
costs for business. 

"Occupational health nurses are seeing 
more people who suffer from depression in 
the work place and they don't feel prepared 
to manage it because up until recently, 
depression in the work place hasn't been 
a focus of work-place health," Williams 
said. "The indirect and direct cost of 
depression in the work place is immense. 
Consider the loss of employee productivity. 
Productivity and absenteeism losses 
associated with depression cost U.S. 
companies $24 billion annually, or 
about $3,000 a year per depressed 
employee," he said. The total cost of 
depression at work is estimated to be 
as high as $44 billion. 

Symptoms of depression in the work 
place include: 
- employee is off work longer than 
  the company allows for disability; 
- loss of concentration; 
- reduced productivity; 
- loss of interest in work; 
- withdrawn from colleagues; 
- irritability; 
- excessively late to work; 
- high absenteeism; 
- cannot reach employee by phone. 

Williams cites a study in which depression 
is the most expensive medical cost of all 
behavioral health conditions accounting for 
52 percent of all claims of one major company. 
It was the most common diagnoses of those 
who sought help from the company's employee 
assistance program; it resulted in more days 
of disability and 12 month recidivism than 
employees who suffered from common chronic 
illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes 
and back pain. 

See more related articles in AgeVenture at:
AgeVenture News Service, 

SECTION THREE - Boomers - What For The Future?
§§ Oldest Worker In America:
Washington (AP)
A 100-year-old architect advises this for 
those who want to work into old ages: 
find a job you enjoy.

"When you have something you love to do, it
keeps you alive," Harold Fisher said Monday
after receiving Green Thumb Inc's annual
"America Oldest Worker" award.  "I never
had dying in my mind at all because I love 
my work and spent so much time at the 

Fisher found his calling at 15 when he became 
an apprentice for an architect in Uniontown, 
PA., for $2 a day.  Eighty-five years later, 
he still go to work five days a week designing
religious building at the fir he owns in

"Since it's my company, they can't fire me,"
Fisher said with a grin.  "You might say I'm
retired now and doing what I love to do, 
but I'm still working."

§§ Who's Hiring? §§ Job Training §§ Signs Of Silence A non-profit group helping the deaf or hearing-impaired to find jobs. §§ The Work Search Organization: 3450 N.W. 47 Avenue, Coconut Creek, Florida 33063, Phone: (954)978-5595 Fax: (954)978-1598

§§ December 13, 2001. Washington(AP) According to the US Government study, the number of people age 65 and older more than tripled over the past 50 years to a record 420 million world- wide. The Census Bureau and the National Institute on Aging's study find that in general, seniors are bttter educated, retiring earlier and living longer. The 65-and-older population increased from 131 million in 1950 to 420 million in 2000. Over the 1990s, the increase was about 2 percent each year. The one-year increase of 9.5 million between 1999 and 2000 was unprecedented, the report said. In the United States, the 2000 census showed about 12 percent, or 35 million of the nation's 281.4 million people, were at least 65. That compares with 13 percent of the country's 248.7 million people a decade ago. Aging Internet Information Notes: Baby Boomers Agewave. §§ Boomer Wake-Up Call Prepared by Ken Dychtwald in support of testimony given to the Senate Committee on Aging on November 8, 1999. Excerpts... Based on 25 years of personal study, experience, dialogue and analysis, I have come to believe that of all the possible obstacles and opportunities, there are five key aging-related crises toward which boomers are currently heading--all of which are preventable - but only if we begin to take corrective action soon. They are: Elder Boomer Challenge # 1: Obsolete markers of aging. Elder Boomer Challenge # 2: Tithonus' revenge or healthy aging? Elder Boomer Challenge # 3: The coming caregiving crunch. Elder Boomer Challenge # 4: Financial wake-up call. Elder Boomer Challenge # 5: Shangri-La or "Gerassic" Park? Elder Boomer Challenge # 1: Obsolete markers of aging. Aging boomers will not only live longer than previous cohorts, they'll grow "old" much later as well. When Otto Von Bismarck picked 65 to be the marker of old age in the 1880's, in preparation for Germany's first pension plan, the average life expectancy was only 45. On the day that Social Security began, the average American could expect to live 63 years. In 1997, former President George Bush celebrated his 72nd birthday by parachuting from a plane to commemorate his last parachute jump, when he'd escaped from a crippled airplane in World War II. U.S. Senator John Glenn, who in 1962 became the first American to orbit the earth, recently returned to space at 77 as a silver-haired "payload specialist." At 82, Lena Horne remains talented and beautiful, and 69-year-old Sean Connery is still considered one of the world's sexiest men. The increasing longevity and youthfulness of today's seniors - who are serving as new role models for a vital maturity - are causing a dramatic redefinition of what it means to be "old." .....

SECTION FOUR - Boomers High Lights
 §§ We have created a member's photo album at our 

If you are a member and you have
uploaded your photo for your profile,
your picture will be posted on our
photo album.  If you do not wish
to have your picture posted please
write to us and inform us of your

By: Jeri Maier,

SECTION FIVE - The Economy & The Recovery.
§§ More than a year ago, University of
California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Economic
Forecast predicted that the US will
experience recession in 2001.

Since the crashed in early
2000, layoffs and the unemployment rate
sky rocketed. The attack on September 11,
2001 has put the economy in further downward 
plunge.  The US government has tried to 
stem the economy from spiraling down 
further. The Fed have cut interest rates 
for the 11th time. 

All in all, the boomer generation 
suffered the most from this economic 
downturn.  With so many layoffs since 
2000 abd 700,000 more US job lost since 
the September 11th tragedies, it
all added to already depressed world 

The whole world is also impacted
by the global recession and with
the ending of this year closing in,
many people are looking forwarded
to a new year with faith and hope 
for any signs of good news.

In the last few weeks as the "War 
Against Terrorists" slowed down to
nearly a halt, stocks market have been 
making a comeback and some have
recovered from September 11th.

On December 19, the Conference Board
reported that the U.S. index of leading
economic indicators rose 0.5 percent
in November -- the largest rise since
a 0.6 percent increase in May --
after a 0.1 percent gain the previous

The leading economic index has risen
in four of the past six months, which
suggests that the recession could be
losing steam and the economy will re-
cover in the middle of 2002.

We all hope that the new year will 
be a better year for all of us Boomers

SECTION SIX - Tidbits & News.

Boomers Related News in the past few months:    

§§ Wednesday October 10, 2001 
Press Release
SOURCE: Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group Announces Worldwide 
Release Of 'Bee Gees: Their Greatest Hits: 
The Record' 40 of Their Biggest Hits Including
19 #1's and 4 Newly Recorded Songs, 2 CDs, 
5 Decades of Music and Photos Set for 
Release on November 20th, 2001. 

§§ Saturday - November 9, 2001 

Novelist Ken Kesey dies at 66

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) ---- 
Ken Kesey, who broke into the literary
scene with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's 
Nest" and then helped immortalize the 
psychedelic 1960s with an LSD-fueled 
bus ride, died Saturday. He was 66.

Kesey died at Sacred Heart Medical Center 
in Eugene, two weeks after cancer surgery 
to remove 40 percent of his liver.

After studying writing at Stanford University, 
Kesey gained fame in 1962 with "One Flew 
Over the Cuckoo's Nest," followed quickly 
with "Sometimes a Great Notion" in 1964,
then went 28 years before publishing his 
third major novel.

In 1964, he rode cross-country in an old 
school bus named Furthur driven by Neal 
Cassady, hero of Jack Kerouac's beat 
generation classic, "On The Road." The 
passengers called themselves the Merry 
Pranksters and sought enlightenment through 
the psychedelic drug LSD. The odyssey is 
documented in Tom Wolfe's 1968 account, 
"The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test."

§§ History Of Peace Movement.
§§ November 30, 2001 

Goerge Harrison Lost His Battle with Cancer.
A sad day indeed. Goerge Harrison, John Lennon 
and The Bealtes had given us so much pleasure 
at the time of our life.
The End Of An Era? The Beatles, a part 
of the musical and cultural revolutions 
in the 60's. Georeg Harrison is the 
quiet one. We will miss him and his music
will be with us forever. 

§§ BBC News Today: 
Harrison penned some of the band's most enduring 
tunes - including While My Guitar Gently Weeps
and Something. 
He was the first of the Fab Four to top the charts 
with My Sweet Lord in 1970 after the band split. 
Although he was always regarded as the quietest
band member, his talent spoke for itself.
§§ The quiet Beatle

Flags were flying at half mast as The Beatles' 
home city of Liverpool came to terms with the
loss of one of its most famous sons.   

§§ December 8, 2001 
Anniversary of John Lennon's death in New York.

§§ Fun new sites - new discovery : Come discover the pioneers of the musical forms that combined on American soil to become the most pervasive music throughout the world. The 4-Part PBS series airs Mondays at 10 p.m. (ET, PT) beginning October 29, 2001. Check local listings. §§ So, can rock change the world? U2 - Bono are still the biggest band in the world. Still talking politics joshua_trck2.mp3 Hippy Net Yesterday Land Retirement Planning. Quicken Retirement Planner Music Launch artistID=1008048&vo=yahn CreatAbiliTOYS! is an incredible collection of over 700 advertising icons spanning more than a century of American history. The American Museum The American Museum in Britain is the only museum in Europe devoted to American furniture, decorative arts and quilts. The collections illustrate the domestic arts in America from the late seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth century. The Fillmore East Journals §§ Bill Graham's Fillmore East Opened March 8th 1968 - Closed June 27th, 1971 §§ Fillmore East Presevation Society."> Dedicated to the memory and excitement that was the Fillmore East Auditorium in New York City §§ California Surfing Ocean View: The Depiction of Southern California Coastal Lifestyle §§ California Boomer: Keeper of the Story
A great book Old Time Nostalgia. §§ Steve Johnson - a songwriter inspires burned out baby boomers Inspire yourself and your friends to live out your dreams! Dreams In The Making is an upbeat, inspiring collection of songs, ranging from powerful adult pop/rock to sensitive ballads, centered around the theme of creating a life of one's own design. "Most people give up on their dreams by the time they're 30 or so," says Johnson. "We're all so busy with work, family and school. But it's never too late. At 42, I feel like I'm just getting warmed up." §§ Last BUT NOT LEAST!!! Courageous Americans!
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