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    SECTION THREE - Health Advice
    SECTION FIVE - Announcement/Trivia
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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!

    Did you ever get it to REALLY walk down the stairs?

    From the irrepressible Sheridan Hill:
    Ten Items NOT to give for Christmas

    Surprise Link of the Month!

    Surprise Obscure Rock Group from the Sixties Link!

    Compiled by:
    Chuck Nyren,
    Suite 101 Winner of 7 Canadian Internet Awards
    Best Boomer Web Site for this month:
    AGE Venture Web Site

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!
    Those Were The Days

    While researching Del Shannon's song "Runaway," 
    it has come to my attention that "Runaway" was 
    featured in the following television shows:
    Beverly Hills 90210:  Episodes:   "Mexican Stand Off"   
    (Gotta love that Peach Pit!)
    "Sweating It Out"
    CHiPs (The old 70's TV show with Erik Estrada now airing on TNT)
    Laverne & Shirley  (Episode:  "Diner")
    WKRP In Cincinnati (starring Howard Hessman):  
    "Filthy Pictures" Episode
    ***Note:  Del Shannon's "Drop Down And Get Me" 
              album is featured as a poster
              on a wall in the WKRP studios
    Benny Hill Show (Episode #28)
    South Of Sunset:  "Dream Girl"
    "Runaway" is featured in the following movies/films:
    Good Will Hunting  (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Robin Williams)
    Christine  (Bonnie Raitt's version)
    Dragon:  The Bruce Lee Story
    Kids Of Degrassi Street  ("Runaway '67" version)
    Running Scared (Gregory Hines, Billy Crystal)
    That'll Be The Day
    Catch Me If You Can
    Buddy System
    Children Of The Corn
    Born On The Fourth of July (Tom Cruise)
    Roseaux Sauvages (French Film - good luck finding it!!!)
    "Runaway" was also used as the theme to 
    "Crime Story," the hit U.S. television 
    series from '86 to '88.  "Crime Story" 
    is now being aired in The Netherlands, 
    Argentina, and Belgium.
    DID YOU KNOW?   In an interview with Tom Hanks, 
    he testified that had "Runaway" not have been 
    used and featured for "Crime Story," that he 
    would have originally wanted the tune for his 
    initial screenplay to his 1996 hit film  
    "That Thing You Do."  Hanks declared that 
    had "Runaway" have not received so much attention 
    in movies and TV, that he would certainly have made 
    use it in his rock film.  He changed his mind and 
    decided to write the songs HIMSELF for his movie 
    in order to release a Rock 'N Roll film with 
    original material. And you know what?  
    He's actually a great tunesmith!
    Other news is that "Runaway" has been re-written 
    and released in France and is currently achieving 
    some significant airplay on French radio as 
    "Vanina."  Hey!  Check it out, "Nes Pas?"
    Want another challenge?  Find the German version 
    of "Runaway" recorded as "Mein Madchen Monika" 
    (My Girl Monica).
    Find "Runaway" in Japanese by Hisihiko Iida.  
    He also recorded "Hats Off To Larry."  
    The group "Venus" also recorded "Runaway" in Japanese.
    "Runaway" was featured in the movie:  
    Eddie and The Cruisers
    Runaway appears in the movie "Running Scared" 
    starring Ken Wahl, Judge Reinhold, John Saxon, 
    and Bradford Dillman - "Runaway" is used as the opening intro.
    Runaway was also featured twice in the television 
    series "Quantum Leap."  Episodes:
    "Runaway:  July 4, 1964" and  "Maybe Baby"
    By Brian Young /

    CNN Cold War The show that defines the time. This landmark TV documentary series air every Sunday and Friday night until early December. This documentary took 3 years to produce. December 5, 1998: Vietnam 1964-1968: Vietnam becomes another Cold War battlefield. The war escalates and the United States commits more than half a million troops; Washington finds itself mired in a civil war halfway around the globe. The body bags come home. This is not a war the United States will win December 13, 1998. MAD: 1960-1972 Armed with nuclear weapons, the United States and Soviet Union confront each other. Each side feels it must have enough nuclear firepower to deter the other from starting a war. And because of the nuclear threat, neither side wants to start one. The doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) is born. December 20, 1998. Make Love Not War The 60's December 27, 1998. Red Spring 1960's January China 1949-1972 January Detente 1969-1975 The CNN coldwar experience and culture web site.

    "Snap Out of It"
                              Professor David Demko, PhD 
    "SNAP OUT OF IT !" That's it. That's the so-called help that 
    Americans offer 7 out of 10 times when dealing with someone 
    who is depressed. "Snap out of it" is how we're dealing with 
    an illness that annually affects 12 million people at a cost 
    of $30 billion, $20 billion in worker absenteeism alone. The 
    greatest tragedy is that depression will lead to suicide in 
    15% of its victims. Most of these victims visit a physician 
    few weeks prior to the suicide. But the doctor often misses 
    the diagnosis because the patient reports the "socially acceptable" 
    physical symptoms (sleeplessness, loss of appetite, etc) rather 
    han their less acceptable emotional disorder (depression).
    Are you among the 50% of Americans who view depression as a 
    personal weakness or character flaw? Don't get defensive. 
    I'm not asking for a show of hands. But there is a way to
    redeem yourself. Become a part of the solution. Get the facts, 
    so you can do some good.
    Depression affects mood, thoughts, body function, and 
    day-to-day behavior. Some people have one episode in a 
    lifetime; for others it's a lifelong struggle. When it 
    does strike, depression affects different people in 
    different ways. It may come as mild symptoms, or a 
    chronic illness.
    Here's what to look for in those who may be 
    "clinically depressed". 
      1.Persistent sad or empty mood. 
      2.Loss of interest in pleasurable activities. 
      3.Decreased energy and fatigue. 
      4.Sleep disturbances. 
      5.Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions. 
      6.Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness. 
      7.Thoughts of death and suicide. 
      8.Irritability or excessive crying. 
      9.Chronic aches and pains. 
    Sound depressing? Well, that's the good news. Because 
    there's a worse depression, bipolar or manic, that 
    leaves its victim experiencing cycles of terrible 
    down-in-the-dumps "lows" followed by inappropriate, 
    sometimes giddy "highs". Here's what to look for in 
    those who may be manic depressive. 
      1.Excessively "high" mood. 
      3.Decreased need for sleep. 
      4.Increased talking and hyperactivity. 
      5.Racing thoughts. 
      6.Disturbed ability to make decisions. 
      7.Easily distracted. 
      8.Grandiose notions. 
      9.Increased sexual activity. Hmmm. That explains why 
        some don't tell a depressed spouse to
        "Snap out of it". 
    YOUR RISK to depression is greater if any of the following 
    factors apply to you. WOMEN are twice as likely to be 
    clinically depressed. However, the incidence of manic 
    depression is equal for men and women. BIRTH DATES after 
    1945 are more prone to depression, supposedly, due to 
    changing social conditions: single parenting, rapid 
    lifestyle changes, and increased stress.
    LIFE CHANGES such as financial setbacks, job loss, and 
    separation from loved ones tend to raise the risk. 
    PERSONAL FACTORS such as forced dependency and low 
    self-esteem are associated with vulnerability to depression. 
    FAMILY HISTORY of depression is linked to higher risk, 
    especially with respect to manic or bipolar depression. 
    SOCIAL ISOLATION is another risk factor. For example, 
    those involved in ongoing relationships, such as marriage, 
    are less likely to be clinically depressed. However, 
    people who are unhappy in these relationships have the 
    highest rate of depression. 
    PHYSICAL DYSFUNCTION related to abnormal hormonal levels, 
    adverse reaction to medications, physical illness, and 
    substance abuse are also risk factors. TREATMENT helps. 
    Four out of five sufferers improve and return to daily 
    activities, some within a short time. Ironically, however, 
    only one in three victims of depression bother to seek 
    treatment. The risk of social embarrassment or personal 
    guilt keep them away.
    You don't have to remain a depression dropout. Free 
    information is available from your local community mental 
    health agency, medical center, or the National Institute 
    of Mental Health: 1-800-421-4211. You'll receive 
    information on depression, panic attacks, and anxiety
    disorders. The call is toll-free, so obsessive-compulsives 
    can call the number again and again and again and again. 
    If you're among the uninformed 50% of Americans who are 
    "Depression Education Dropouts" ... Snap out of it. 
    Make that call and do yourself, and everyone else, 
    some good. 
    By Dr. David Demko,  
    AgeVenture News Service, 
    21946 Pine Trace, Boca Raton, FL 33428 USA
    Voice-mail: 561-482-6271. 

           Dec 08, 1980 John Lennon was shot to dead in New York.
    If you have any old copies of Time Magazine in your attic and they are in good condition, check them out to see they are worth something: Listed below are some collectible and valuable issues: Subject and Date Value: Joseph P. Cannon 1St issue , March 23, 1923 $1,000.00 Al Capone March 23, 1930 $ 500.00 Bobboy Jones Aug 31, 1924 $ 500.00 Joe DiMaggio July 13, 1936 $ 500.00 Marilyn Monroe May 14, 1956 $ 200.00 Source : Time Magazine 75th Anniversary Issue.

    SECTION FIVE: Announcement/Trivia

    What artist had the biggest Rock n' Roll Christmas hit 
    of all-time...I mean the largest selling and most durable?
    Hint: It was so big it was almost Lethal to the record 


    For Boomers living in Washington state, One of the most fun times as a teenager, and living in the Northwest, particularly in the Seattle & Tacoma area was going to teen dances during the '60's. They were the biggest in the country that were attended by 1000's of teens. Held in the old ballrooms, dancehalls and armories, we danced to the local rock 'n' roll bands like the Wailers, the Sonics and Paul Revere & The Raiders. Those dances are some of the best memories of all the years, and the songs still echo through our mind. Dancing to their rock 'n' roll music was the best. The rock 'n' roll group named the fabulous Wailers are celebrating their 40th anniversary and will be performing at a dance in downtown Seattle, Washington at a place called the Show Box on December 17, and again in downtown in Tacoma, Washington Dec. 18 & 19 at at a place called the Swiss. Please contact: (nie)


    Boomers International Web Site opened up another venue for our boomer friends to meet, exchange ideas, chat with each other and networking. We have been busy and are having fun meeting many new boomer friends. Check us out by going to this Boomers International Club:
    You need to obtain a YAHOO id to log into our member club's chat room, message posting and to check the calendar. Send us email for instruction on how to obtain a USER ID and Password at Yahoo which is FREE. You can also download Yahoo pager to keep track of friends coming online. Single Boomers! Check out and join Boomers Love Connection Club:


       DECEMBER 1998
       Lou Snyder and his fight-back story.

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