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Taiwan looks like a country
Until now Taiwan seem like a country to be sway by Japanese it has twenty millions of citizens who abide to a system of quite adequate country laws. Country is set up by a group of people or peoples who have power to govern themselves besides ethics from ethnics. Seemingly Taiwan is a country because it has its own soldiers who do not belong to the leaderships of republic China. President of Taiwan can make up his own decisions if only if it is very reasonable even confronting the evils. Munitions factory are supported by its own citizens so much as to protect or follow their own desires. But to be self assert there may lead to the requirements of wars between Taiwan and China. Now many bodies are fear about the poor numerical superiority of its country. To be annexed or to capture is another question. This is not only the problems of family feuds but the conflicts are also the heavy defy between Democracy and community.
I give my profound respects to democracy systems of our world but leave out all shadows of hegemony for their own peoples and condemn freedoms or justices by threats to put other to wars. President of Taiwan seem to think that they were raped by Chairman of china. Without the threats of wars, every body wishes to live with their own desires. Now most and many of the peoples live on the island not mean to harm but only many of them are feared to claim their autonomy. If peoples live under the requirement of a group of persons or controllers then how pity it may be. Sooner or latter they may not able to poll for presidents of their own or many authorities.
The greatness of dignity or esteems of community leaders should not be taken wholly for all Taiwanese. WE have no shame to make some troubles and despised the marshals. Laws should compliance with our freedoms and happiness in some cases. Without general polls and freedom to set up their own political parties is a wrong some symbol. To annex or capture an island by threats to draw bloods from millions are the roots for genocides. Communists insulted all democracy and freedoms. China has only one great wall and some happy neighbors then flowers may bloom and many life or moneys are then saved

By cheung shun sang=cauchy3=Laplace181

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Taiwan is a country and has been for a long time until UNCLE Mao decided that he wanted to abolish it.... JUST LIKE he DID with TIBET!!

We should FREE TIBET YES? and ofcourse UN Should stop being coward and accept Taiwan as a county YES?

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