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Truth twisters
Peoples of eminence are quite forgetful. The customs for follower are selfish to practice. Everybody likes to forget some of their regressions because they wish to burry them inside their graves. However before long infamousness and humiliations are two cakes to have eaten ones. Grab your powers, moneys, girls, or self-esteems are always some problems. The important reversions for a man are to choose between followers or principals. Swords man should be images of his master in skills but not for their bad characters. Each strike or stroke is for the purpose of defense or attack but not only for the purpose to cheer their masters. Every man is selfish in some way like gold fishes eat up their babies. Dishonor of some graceful man comes and goes like small storms. Emotions of peoples are wobbled like small tides. Gentle man is not all has complete inner beauties. They will liar, envy people or penny-pinching. This is no means only for wretches who will make troubles. Many great bosses or political leaders are mean peoples in some ways
For example with the name of some lawyers who belong to The cornerstones of democracies or peoples rights there are millions of dollars like their fluent speeches flow smoothly into their bank accounts. The gains of millions of dollars for one law suit case. If moneys are not for truths then moneys are for twisters. Even for each big bosses and big timers I wish to ask that for all honest money are there honest consequences. Several tenths of thousands to buy a celebrate s bras for the purpose to tease or to tear but three or little more hundred hong kong dollars for the anal kisses of a poor whore. Whip kissers try to strike the conscience of the evils with their groans but great man always swear before God with conscience. Poor whores have miserable life but poor common peoples and peoples without good looks have disturbed life. A person¡¦s behaviors for himself are good or bad as for their own character. A follower of a team is the image of the big bosses unless he or she is a widow spider. Heady and wayward people have their lovable faces but they have to be brave to take on their heavy responsibilities.

By cheung shun sang=cauchy3=Laplace181

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