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Spirits will end without substances but they are so valuable and that is our esteems. Can humanˇ¦s spirits arouse when substances refrained? It is painful to torn between our yokes or caress from comfortable substances. Willow warblers go without straight positions. Great menˇ¦s souls transform the wobbled stars. Which ship has brig aloft that equal fierce water but still safe. Breads and crumbs are so valuable then they can not obtain from inspirations. Many nobles are focus on the high ranks or their contradictions from common and means. So precious is diamond to cut glasses but so mean is to throw a stone on ripples. A single small stone cause many ripple effects. They have the meaning of violence follow by all violence with many large stones.
Govern by refrain of substance are rude and profane to our spirits. Human always live with not enough consistency because of lack of understanding or forgiveness. However and whatever it is hard to tolerant all profane or humiliations on human bottoms or hearts. There have no reasons for matadors to kill the bulls before sufficient of pains for them. The glories of some peoples are bully and harmful to our inspirations. True heroes can ignore many details however some still water runs deep. Some spiritual giants are dwarfs for substances. Heroes whip the horses in war grounds but not bulls. Even the most vigorous heroes love pets. Of course inspirations are not dogs but they look likes a flying chargers with red hairs.
Stormy rains come after heavy winds hanging around all bushes. Humiliations are the cause of many conflicts. Loves and affections are just big umbrellas can not keep off stormy rains. Hatreds are whales dived in deep waters giving high pressures to human. Loves and affections are Jesus foots from images that reflect on waters. Every body recognized this and knew how to frighten their enemy or attack by cunning plots.
Noble peopleˇ¦s diplomatic skills are with profaneness to common or mean peoples. We are only afraid that we are being cast to the groups of sick goats, although we belong to some mud for piggy. Self-respect is not the issues of gain or loss for common peopleˇ¦s life but true powers or prestige control all hails of bullets. There are not only mullions but also crossed strips for the windows of our life. Beside roofs there are domes waiting for falling down like heavens
By cheung shun sang=cauchy3=Laplace181

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