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A bull
It is mouth and anal or analects and souls. Even you prefer my lips but you still need to love my cloaca or anal. Our mouths or souls are always responded by palpations. Even I chap your anal but you still have to fond of my lips. My words are masters of your minds and the songs that you had to sing. I shake the rocks to fill up all ditches such that all dirty waters overflow every simple and sure soul.
I crow on the war and the suffering of the poor. You crowd on my sail for my sea rover. Some of my instructions are coaxes to draw some fouls to my sisters or my most loved peoples. Ambitions are to live in longevity with easy. Sprees to wine in belle s red shoes but there is fears to be beat up by alcohols. I fear of the banquets given by riches use cocktails with venoms or petrol.
Medals are for those who set up bombs on streets corners for political purposes. Moneys and political might are gain by political smugglers. You are the suns under your medals but I am the shameful moon that shines over bare hills. I wish to take over river and lonely hills with shames.
Vampires who did not suck people s bloods are my bondages. You favor scepters and that they are your fetishisms but I like to watch glares with my weak eyes. Your plans are guns to combats the airs while some peoples use flick knifes to cut off their sister s garters.
Apparats are ships and your evilness is their stems which overthrow many boats as there has no free winds for common sailors to sail. Your names belong to solar systems and all of us need to cross our fingers. The expose to the kindness of devils made us could not go to heavens. All toryisms are not for the pass and they are glares of our futures. However only for bigotries could have an eye on such future.
James s flick knifes are bull s horns and they are social problems. Tiana¡¦anman square was a bull ring where matadors pierce their spears after long phrase of foul plays. Many poor feed on buns but Chelsea buns are poor to taste without raisins. We need our buns have raisins or some flavors. Every body hopes to devote to wheaten flours less than hope to devote to all flavors and wonderful grapes.
Your deeds engraved in memorial gateways and your faces should glow under sun lights. To be justice, moon is too cold to be shame. The only very cold timer of our clock is America general Maxsin or U.K general Mongo marry. Yellow chrysanthemums are donated to glories but black one to evils. Black jujubes are for all thirsty peoples who love freedoms. I am a client looking for Chelsea bun and black jujubes
By cheung shun sang=cauchy3=Laplace181

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