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A (a) of big mouth
Repletion with the governing classes is not really by laws. In our history what are the symbols for orders in some realms are bloods to serve by many peoples. Halberds are too tight in the hands of soldiers.
Forests are in shapes of halberds while the seas are the places for the grampus. The loopholes in laws are the shelters to some powers to be some friendly abuses.
Partisans are separatism to peaces but unifications to hatreds. There is not always really something like calmness or justices. If somebody thinks that he is a very good politician but not the only one who control our freedoms of minds and bodies then we had to ask him that what he really bring to us.
In each realm there are many peoples that live in different classes for their wellness. The health of our publics or our own families is one good issue. The behavior within the papacy for our pop may be another.
The fairness inside each member in our deputations for our different sectors is like our companies, our communities and our countries.
If a country is one large organism (not true) then there are many active bad cells. What are pap tests to cervical cancers? They are some methodical tricks. The methodology to govern a country is completely out of my knowledge.
Common laws are only some hair cuts to nice peoples who abided to common laws. However few countries seem to have good plastics. It is full of wonder if nudism put a beautiful mask on her face.
We lease one relationship for the other peoples to us by the seals of our kisses. It seems to be not very hard to pick your mouth to seal the other people s chins for some kisses.
Also it is not very hard to lease some bodies or some countries for good relationships, but it would be very serious if one had to lease back all his flaws. Real-plolitik is real abuses but not real connubial marriages.
However with some real-polititiks parts of the sums of moneys and political benefits are shared. There are seldom true servitude bases for services which are those for the stone breakers that described by Courbet who swap the choice for a stone breaker and a chairman or some one in between, that would be nice to me to compare.
Of course cauchy3 is only a person with a big hiding mouth only. I really do not hurt much for your sorrows otherwise I am being control by your feelings.
Every human is live by instincts and control by the influences to effects by causes. Our lives are closely related to moneys and health which include our ethics and our personalities.
Medical theory define that good personalities can be rooted from our birth-genes in eugenics in some parts in some ways. If you live in poor or hungry situations then you think more about sexes and loves especially in your dreams.
However if you are rich and wealthy, your minds could not been settled to rest without good foods and many hypersexualities. Occasionally you might sleep like an angel on your beds. The second kinds of behavior are the laws on behaviorism.
The first kind of dreams is our free wills. Whether we are brave or coward and wild or docile, depend on our free wills and the laws that govern each effects at our different situations.
Our pass and our experience will teach us when to let go and when to hold on for our last gasp. Some of us has solid center hidden inside our hollow drools. Some of us are very good constant performers.
Some respond to dangers with unexpectedly bravery. One sudden broken down all his characters at one toss of the coins or one loop to loop over their hardships or external temptations.(loose all his characters)
Many of us wish to be featured with the characterizations of some influential great peoples in our books of histories. In some petty concern I have some feelings to the wills that given to Adolf-Hitler by Gods. The ways he goes into the cafes and set up his discussions there.
His logics about the gases and will powers for human! Only the worst thing to him is genocide. Cauchy3 remind you fist you should try to keep yourself self-reliance or self-renewal with your own efforts. Second you should keep your self where profits are remained at the final bout. Do not completely believe in the poor s dreams or the riches characters.
The two old proverbs: Bows will be keep out of touches when all flying birds are missed out,: When all hares are hunted the hounds will soon become some cooked foods. This is what ancient heroes had to face in their final curtains which are more or less true in our modern days also.
The tricks of all leaders are ethnic or nation-lovers that conspire with some radical hatreds or envies of human s free wills.(ic rational to irrationals). All the effects for human are cause by punishments and awards.
Some very brave or wise sages are to be strike by rainbows. Some cold stormy winds teach them to take the shelters all over themselves and gradually they learn how to cover their buddies. Some go ahead in very good situations and thus have very good achievements because of their lovely free wills.
Generally tricks and tactics are not static knowledge but learn by movements or suitable stimulations. Spike one drop of wine in my full bottle of orange juices to make up my own Alexandria cocktails.
I taste the dry from the rains because they are salty. In my dreams the success and death of Alexandria are so real. My accents are not for the word íVlove however may be you can still trust me to be some man who belong to the lower classes.
A mind or one heart is not always belongs to all rounder. My teachers are books now and many peoples who give me hassles in life. Besides all this there are abuses of substances and materials for my families to me on some levels. A big mouth has many drools on the plates.
IT is time for me to have a dinner that is little more than enough now. My futures might not depend on my doomsday and I may not rely on just slice breads. Finally I wish that I could bet on freedoms and some justices with something to bequeath.
by cheung shun sang=cauchy3=laplace181

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