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The space in the boxes may not be sufficient for you to list all account numbers, pins, access codes, passwords, etc. Use this as a guide to know where the documents can be found. Detail on a separate piece of paper or in a notebook all pertinent information. Be as comprehensive as you can in listing all items under each category. It is also important to keep original documents in a fireproof vault. Make photocopies of these important documents, keeping them in a fireproof safe box at home so that you will have them as you need them.

Birth Certificate :
Citizenship Papers :
Passport :
Driver's License(s) :
Social Security Card :
Medicare Card :
Medical Assistance Card :
LTC - Long Term Care Insurance :
Home Care Insurance :
Health Insurance Policy & Card :
Cancer Insurance Policy Or Special Insurances :
Disability Insurance Card :
Safe Deposit Box (Key(s)
Name & Address Of Bank
Checkbook & Account#
Name & Address Of Bank
Banking By Phone, Pin & Account Numbers, Online Banking, Computer :
Electronic Fund Transfer Accounts (ETA) :
All Automatic Bill Payment Information :
Savings Or Money Market Book
Name & Address Of Bank
Certificates For CD's, Stocks, Treasury Notes, Bonds, Mutual Funds, IRA's, 401K's :
Annuities :
Life Insurance Policies-Name, Policy #'s & Address & Names Of Beneficiaries :
Personal Properties-Jewlery, Boats, Furniture, Etc. :
Loans, Debts, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Loan Installment Accounts, All Charge Accounts :
Business Banking Information & Loans :
Credit Union Information :
Foreign Bank Accounts & Holdings :
Cash, Traveler's Checks :
Home Insurance Policy- Name, Policy #'s & Address :
Income Tax Returns :
Will, Special Bequests :
Living Will-Advanced Directives :
Durable Power Of Attorney For Health Care :
Durable Power Of Attorney :
Health Care Directives :
Pension & Retirement Fund Information :
Marriage License :
Divorce / Separation Decrees :
Mililtary Records :
Property Deeds & Titles :
Mortgage :
Outstanding Lien Against Property(s) Information And Paid Liens Against Property(s) :
All Auto Titles / Registration :
Auto Insurance Policy(s) :
Letter Of Instructions In Case Of Death, Beneficiaries, Etc. :
Funeral Instructions & Funeral Insurance :
Burial Property Certificate :
Websites, Voice Mail, Email Addresses, Cash Station, Property :
Home Safe :
Business Safe :
Trust Funds :
Donor Arangements :
Autopsy Arangements :
Real Estate Investment Insurance Policy :
Renter's Insurance Policy :
Business Insurance Policies :
Liability Insurance Policies :
Club Memberships & Cards & Organization Memberships :
Personal Contracts & Agreements :
Medical History :
Adoption Papers :
Schools Diplomas, Records & Degrees :
Dependents :
Grown Children No Longer Dependents :
Home Inventory- Fixtures, Furniture, Applicances, Equipment :
Personal Valuables Inventory - Jewelry, Art, Collections, Clothes, Mementos, Antiques :
Address Books :
Business Inventories :
All Warranties :
Other :

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