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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
    WABC Top 100 Songs of the Year
    WABC compiled year end surveys of the ranking of the songs that were played during that year, The list is referred to as "the top 100 of the year" WABC was Top 40 Music radio station.
    The WELL's Woodstock Conference


    Woodstock at 25

    Woodstock! Music Festival

    The Woodstock Nation
    wants to preserve the site of the famous festival for further gatherings and observances.
    Read one Woodstock-goer's firsthand account:

    Best Boomer Web Site for this month:
    Books, Music and Commentary. B.D. Poe is our new Music Editor. Check out B.D.'s reviews of Books, Music albums, CDs Review and Commentary. Excerted from of of BD Book Review: BE MY BABY: HOW I SURVIVED MASCARA, MINSKIRTS AND MADNESS or MY LIFE AS A FABULOUS RONETTE Ronnie Spector with Vince Waldren Harmony Books. BE MY BABY is the title of both the smash 1963 hit single by the Ronettes and Ronnie Spector's autobiography. Full of amusing anecdotes about John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, Bowie, Springsteen and others. IT is a rare glimpse into the private life and character of Rock's legendary Producer Phil Spector, the man whose WALL OF SOUND influenced the entire music industry in the early 60's Sonny & Cher got their start with Phil Spector and provided backing vocals for many of Spector's Artists' hits. Strangely, Phil and Ronnie's marriage was even more tragic than Sonny & Cher's. Ronnie Spector's story could be described as The rock and roll Cinderella meets the Phantom of the Opera! It is the story of a black teenage girl's rise to stardom at the top of the industry; her fairy tale like interracial romance, marriage and it's horrific undoing. Be MY BABY is about personal discovery, transition, and recovery. It is a kiss and tell book in which Ronnie candidly recounts some of her most intimate moments. It is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Rock's most exciting era. Visit BD's web site for the full review.

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment! "ABC News Of The Century" will air next March 1999. also accompany on History Channel. BY Peter Jennings
    CNN Cold War The show that defines the time. This landmark TV documentary series air every Sunday and Friday night until early December. This documentary took 3 years to produce.
    Episode 17 -  
    Good Guys, Bad Guys
    1968 - 1978
    February 14, 1999 - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    Episode 18 -  
    1954 - 1990
        The United States employs
        covert action and economic
        leverage to keep communism out
        of Latin America.
    February 21, 1999 - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    Episode 19 -  
    1977 - 1981
        The Spirit of Detente,
        SALT accords,
    February 28, 1999 - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    Episode 20 -  
    Soldiers of God
    1975 - 1988
        December 1979
        Soviet Union invaded Afkranistan     
    March 7, 1999 - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    Episode 21 - 
    1944 - 1994
    March 14, 1999 
    Episode 22 -  
    Star Wars
    1968 - 1978
    March 21, 1999  - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    Episode 23 - 
    The Wall Comes Down
    March 28, 1999 - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    Episode 24 -  
    1989 - 1991
    April 4, 1999  - Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT
    CNN coldwar
    The CNN coldwar experience and culture web site.
    The 60's mini-series was a big
    hit on NBC in January.
    "The Beat Goes On"
    The Sonny And Cher Story aired 
    on 21 February, 1999 
    on ABC 9:00pm PST, 8:00pm CST 
    The new Del Shannon CD "The EP Collection," now available from See For Miles Records. Visit their website for more information: The CD features 28 tracks from 7 original EP's from England and France. Sound quality is good with GREAT pictures and five-page sleeve notes. You will be receiving more information on the latest news within two weeks. Keep Rockin'! Brian Young for
    Come Celebrate the Century with the United States Postal Service! This is the official 20th century commemorative stamp series that YOU get to vote for. You've already voted for the nifty fifties, the groovy sixties, and the rockin' seventies. Now it's time to vote for the awesome eighties! Form for StampVote for the 80's are at your local post office. StampVote Web Site is up for voting now!! Stampt Vote


    Link to Alzheimer's Linked to Strokes

    Aging is a strange phenomenon. You might say it's 
    a good news, bad news situation.
    The good news is that medical science makes daily 
    progress on fighting the diseases of aging. 
    The bad news is that no matter how long you live, 
    you're gonna die of something, sometime. Well, 
    if you're the type that gets rattled by good news,
    bad news scenarios, you just might want to skip 
    this article, because it's a bad news, worse news 
    scenario. Meaning, some folks suffering from stroke 
    are at an even greater risk to alzheimer's disease.
    (Have a nice day.) 
    Scientists already know that people who have 
    inherited the E-4 variant of the apolipoprotein 
    (apo) gene are at high risk for developing 
    Alzheimer’s disease. Now they say that having 
    the gene may also signal a higher likelihood 
    of having stroke or another vascular disease 
    in the brain. The study’s lead scientist, 
    Charles DeCarli, M.D., says that people who 
    have the apoE-4 gene variant and high blood 
    pressure have smaller brain volumes and more 
    abnormal white matter in the brain and thus 
    may be more susceptible to "silent strokes," 
    which take a toll over time. 
    The research findings were presented at the 
    24th American Heart Association International 
    Conference on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation. 
    Not only do the brain changes lead to a gradual 
    deterioration of memory and motor skills, they
    also may place the person at risk for Alzheimer’s
    disease, says Dr. DeCarli. "When you go swimming, 
    you wear a bathing suit instead of pants so that 
    you won’t be weighed down when you get in the 
    water," explains DeCarli, of the University of 
    Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. 
    "By the same token, a smaller brain volume,
    excess white matter abnormalities or silent 
    stroke, can ‘weigh you down’ and make
    you more susceptible to the effects of early 
    Alzheimer’s disease." 
    DeCarli says people who have the apoE-4 gene 
    variant and high blood pressure or other vascular 
    risk factors are at particularly high risk of 
    having a stroke. Vascular disease affects the 
    blood vessels in the brain, says DeCarli. 
    "People who do not have vascular disease and 
    apoE-4 are not harmed, but if you have high blood
    pressure or other vascular disease and this apoE-4 
    gene allele, it really hurts your brain," says 
    DeCarli. "It sets you up for some cognitive 
    impairment. It reinforces the genetic risk for 
    brain injury related to hypertension and vascular 
    disease as you age." 
    Researchers are not sure how apoE-4 affects the 
    brain, but DeCarli notes, "The apoE-4 may impair 
    brain recovery from injury of any type, whether it’s
    Alzheimer’s or other vascular disease or head trauma. 
    Having apoE-4, therefore, may increase one’s chances 
    of a poor outcome following any brain injury." In silent
    strokes, people don’t have any of the classic warning 
    signs such as sudden headaches, dizziness or loss of 
    motor skills. Silent strokes occur when smaller
    blood vessels in the brain are blocked or rupture. 
    Silent strokes aren’t as damaging, at least initially, 
    as strokes that occur when the carotid arteries in the 
    neck are blocked or burst. But silent strokes do take 
    their toll over time. When the smaller vessels are 
    unable to deliver oxygen and blood to the brain, 
    cells die. Over time, brain cells that control 
    functions such as memory and motor skills die off, 
    leading to difficulty in memory, concentration 
    and even walking. 
    Men who did not have the gene variant had 3.3 cubic 
    centimeters of their brains affected by silent stroke. 
    Those who had apoE-4 had more than three times -- 10.4
    cubic centimeters -- the amount of white matter 
    hyperintensities in their brain. 
    See related articles in the AgeVenture archives. 
    Aspirin Alone Protects Some Against Stroke 
    Can Super-Aspirin Prevent Alzheimers? 
    Genetics Offers New Clue to Alzheimer's 
    AgeVenture News Service, 
    By Dr. David Demko, AgeVenture News Service, 21946 Pine Trace, Boca Raton, FL 33428 USA Voice-mail: 561-482-6271. E-mail: AgeVenture News Service



    Boomers International Web Site opened up another venue for our boomer friends to meet, exchange ideas, chat with each other and networking. We have been busy and are having fun meeting many new boomer friends. Check us out by going to this Boomers International Club:
    You need to obtain a YAHOO id to log into our member club's chat room, message posting and to check the calendar. Single Boomers! Check out and join Boomers Love Connection Club:

    Boomers International Club

    Boomers Chat!
              Our next scheduled chat is: Saturday 27 February 1999
    				5:00pm PST, 7:00pm CST, 8:00pm EST	
                              Moderators: Dr.Toula and Dr. Guilfort
                                   Topic: Medical and Health Chat
              		  TBD:  at 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
                              Moderators: bdpoe  
                                   Topic: Music and Trivia Chat
               		  TBD at 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
                              Moderators: boomersint and RV_Roadie
                                   Topic: Singles Forum / Chat
    Chat room open daily at: 6:00pm PST, (5:00pm PST Weekends).

    7 Feb 1959      A thousand people show for Buddy Holly's funeral 
    		in Lubbock, Texas, 1959 
    7 Feb 1964      Amid scenes of mass hysteria, the Beatles pop
                    group arrived in the United States, in New York for 
                    the first time. 
    8 Feb 1964      Today in 1964, the Beatles appeared on 
                    the "Ed Sullivan Show." and made history.
    		Peter and Gordon 
    		("World Without Love", 
    		"Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying") 
    		split up, 8 Feb 1967
    8 Feb 1967 	Jean-Claude Killy won the downhill event 
    		at the Winter Olympic games in Grenoble, France. 
    8 Feb 1969	Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood form their band, 
                    Blind Faith in 1969.
    7 Feb 1989      A bill is sponsored to make "Tutti Frutti" the official
      		Georgia state song, 1989 
    8 Feb 1990	Del Shannon ("Little Town Flirt", "Run Away") died.    


       FEBRUAY 1999
    Derek Gore Jr. aka RV_Roadie

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