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Joel Miller Interview

boomersint: Tell us about your experience with the movie The Still Life
Joel: It was a fantastic experience because it was a dream come true for me and was a lot of fun to do.

boomersint: Is it your first role as director?
Joel: It is my first film as a director.

boomersint: Did you write the screen play or the original story?
Joel: Yes I wrote the screenplay.

boomersint: You are very young for this industry how did you land the project?
Joel: Well I don't know if I landed the project but I did create the project.

boomersint: How did you find the back up for financing the project?
Joel: The film is a very low budget film. I paid for it all myself.

boomersint: Tell us a little about the project.
Joel: Well I had written a screenplay and I wanted my film made. I tried to get a manager and/or agent and didn't get anywhere. So I made the film myself. I'm glad to say that it has gone very well.

boomersint: How did you get start in this business?
Joel: My introduction to the business was as a child model. Dorothy Day Otis (an agent) approached my mother when I was 4 to work for her. My mother signed me up. My parents came here from England with very little money and this was a good opportunity for them.

boomersint: who is your favourite male movie star?
Joel: I don't have a favorite. But I am a big fan of Al Pacino, Edward Norton, and Giovanni Ribisi. And now of course Jason Barry!

boomersint: who is your favourite female movie star?
Joel: My girlfriend Nadia Wit, of course.

boomersint: You mention that you are involved with music projects, What kind of music do you like?
Joel: I like a lot of folk music. And a lot of Rock music.

boomersint: who is your favourite female vocalist?
Joel: How about top 3. Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, and Nanci Griffith.

boomersint: who is your favourite male vocalist?
Joel: Josh Todd, Robert Plant and Scott Weiland

boomersint: Who is your mentor?
Joel: My father was my mentor.

boomersint: What is your aspirations in life?
Joel: To be a professional screenwriter and filmmaker.

Joel's Mini Bio.

Joel Miller began a promising career in the entertainment industry at the age of 4 when on a trip to the mall with his parents they were approached by agent Dorothy Day Otis. He soon had steady modeling work in ad campaigns for Macy's, Sears, and several other companies.

After graduating from UCSB in 1998 at the age of 20 with a degree in Art History, Joel quickly resumed working in the entertainment industry. After working in the art department on numerous feature films, Joel took a break from film to work at Brian Reeves recording studio, The Jungle Room.

While at the studio, Joel worked with a wide variety of acts, from Poison to Billy Idol. Desiring a change of pace, he decided to get out of the studio and onto the road.

Touring with bands as a carpenter, lighting technician and/or stage manager he toured with Stone Temple Pilots Red Hot Chili Peppers , 'Guns and Roses' , Fishbone, Godsmack, Disturbed,Poison , Warrant, Quiet Riot, and many others. While working for The Cranberries in Puerto Rico, Joel's father was rushed to the hospital in full cardiac arrest, his last words being "help me Joel."

When he got back to Los Angeles his mother, father, and grandfather were all in intensive care with various medical problems.

As one can imagine this weighed very heavily on Joel and in order to spend more time with his family he no longer tours. As the founder of Albion Entertainment, he is currently pursuing a career as a writer, producer, director, and manager. The companies newest project is 'The Still Life.'


Angelo Moore from the band Fishbone is a lifelong friend of his. He credits much of his passion for music from hearing Fishbone practice in Angelo's father's garage when they lived across the street from one another as kids. In a strange coincidence, while he was touring with Stone Temple Pilots, the opening band was Fishbone.
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