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Empty Promisses Empty Heart

Empty Promisses Empty Heart

Empty promisses from your empty heart,
Leaving me drowning in arching pain,
Empty stare that is hurting my soul,
Empty words that left me cold and bruises,
Oh how am I to know in my heart of heart,
That to you it was just another smart love song.

You said that you did not meant to be cruel,
You said that you will always be true, 
Oh how I knew that you were so unkind,
But you stygmied me with all of your 
Do I deserve to be strung out in the cold rain?

How you blinded me with all your sweet lies,
Empty eyes without any tears to cry,
Empty emotions, empty life and empty spirit, 
Empty feelings and cool empty embraces,
Filled with promisses, without a trace in your heart!

Jieranai (Jeri) Maier
January - July 2005


Dreams, Essential Self

Nurture your soul to hold your head up high, Bold spirit, filled it with blissful bright light, Wishing each day and night for peace and transquilty. You can have hopes and wishes for the twinkling stars, You can see afar, above and beyonds all the scornful deeds, You must feed your mind with kindness, blessed by your heart, Together we can be brave and wonderful sentient beings, Dreaming of beautiful lifes and living our sweetest dreams, Dream of world filled with peace, love and light, Dream of a mighty power to help our troubled humankind. Jieranai Maier January-July 2005


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